Monday, November 26, 2012

What Can Cloud Computing Do For Your Business?

Cloud computing is visualization of computing assets delivered on demand over the internet.

Cloud computing is ushering in a new way to run IT. As IT organizations investigate cloud capabilities, they are realizing that new sets of management requirements are needed to govern, manage and secure the evolving cloud-connected enterprise IT environment.

Cloud computing enables you to have on-demand access to a pool of dynamically configurable computing resources, which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal effort or interaction, and which are allocated — or even paid for — based only on the amount used.

You are exploring different ways to set up, deliver and pay for this approach, depending upon you business needs. CA sees — and helps enable — many possibilities. These clouds of computer resources are often assumed to be external to your organization’s IT department, but they could also be set up within your company’s four walls (known as an “internal cloud”), or in a hybrid model that includes both internal and external compute resources. Cloud computing can utilize public cloud providers, or leverage only more restricted private clouds.

In whichever case, you will want different models of service, depending upon your needs for a given application or data center. These can vary from needing just basic servers or storage power delivered over the network (called “Infrastructure as a Service”), to needing application building blocks and tools (“Platform as a Service”), or even a complete application (“Software as a Service”).

Traditionally, we've always referred to the Internet as the virtual environment 'up there' somewhere above the physical ecosystem of hardware... Today, most services are offered to a global audience because the Cloud enables the distribution in a more time and cost efficient manner.

Also, because the Cloud will contain the functional parts of a 'software', you can access them from anywhere, regardless of your geographical location..

Google Apps is a great example of using the Cloud for SME organizations.

To learn more and find out if there's a cloud computing solution that fits your network requirements simply ask here (includes free help, quotes, and a comparison of available providers)...

Cloud Computing Services

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