Thursday, November 08, 2012

Is Business Ethernet the Right Choice For Your Network?

It’s a common experience in business networks... give users more bandwidth and they’ll immediately find applications that need even more. The traffic load on access circuits in local offices is increasing at a faster pace today because more users rely on business networks for more applications and more services to do their work. And as office setting change to accommodate remote workers and multiple locations, the ability to share information becomes even more critical for business success and growth.

Yet simply increasing bandwidth on existing circuits isn’t necessarily the best choice for solving this problem. Taking a look at your business’ network needs — and all the services available to meet them — can help you identify more cost-effective solutions for higher network performance. Business Ethernet is the perfect choice for this scenario.

Businesses today seek simpler and more cost-effective network solutions to support needs, such as:

- Running application servers and/or accessing cloud services for websites, email, databases, and business applications

- Transferring large data, image, or video files

- Using bandwidth-intensive applications

- Supporting remote workers or virtual private networks (VPNs)

- Delivering Voice over IP (VoIP) and video conferencing services with end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) to local offices

- Delivering content to their end customers, suppliers, and business partners

In the past, the traditional T1 and bonded T1 access circuits have been the primary option for network connectivity, especially for local offices. Now Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC) technology allows service providers to offer their customers a new choice in most of the locations: Managed Ethernet Services.

Ethernet services can deliver particular benefits to businesses in several industries.

Retail and Restaurants. Connect stores, restaurants, distribution centers, and management offices within a city while taking advantage of additional provider services such as such as PCI compliance and managed voice and network security services.

Healthcare. Transmit digital images, electronic health records, and billing data between local clinics while meeting the increasing demands of HIPAA compliance. Real Estate. Give agents the high bandwidth they need for video home tours and integrated voice communications with advanced features like find me/follow me.

Banking/Financial. Combine voice and data services on a single, secure connection for more efficient branch-office communications.

Education. Offer distance learning programs and connect satellite campuses over a single network that also supports WiFi Internet access for students, faculty, and staff.

For no cost help finding the right business ethernet solution for your particular business requirements ... including a comparison of available providers ... simply request a free quote here:

Business Ethernet Solution

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Blogger Jamie Salcedo said...

There are many companies that don't take into account their bandwidth needs. Most don't have the sense to find a professional IT service to help them with that as well. Thanks for the article!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Katie Hunt said...

Great post. Jamie, you make a good point there. Many people also tend to forget to take care of their lawn furniture repair. Just because it's outside doesn't mean it'll take care of itself. Have a good one!

4:45 PM  

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