Thursday, November 01, 2012

Broadband Comparison....Which Data Service Is Right for Your Business?

To determine the best business-class connectivity option for your business network, it is important to evaluate your business’ employee needs — such as do employees perform high volumes of Web browsing, do they require video streaming services, and are Voice services and other cloud-based applications required — and proximity to the services. Understanding your business’ technological requirements will help take the guesswork out of choosing the optimal business-class connectivity service.

T1, Bonded T1, and Business Ethernet connections provide true business-class connectivity. They offer the same uptime SLAs (99.99%), provide symmetrical upload and download speeds (T1=1.5 Mbps, Bonded T1=up to 12 Mbps, Ethernet=up to 45 Mbps), and are widely available in major metropolitan areas. Business Ethernet is faster and generally more cost competitive than T1 and Bonded T1 connections. It has become a popular business-class connectivity option for companies and is out-pacing T1 sales in some markets. For businesses located in dense metropolitan areas, Ethernet over Copper offers greater flexibility and provides the best connection speeds at the best prices.

In addition to choosing a broadband type, it is also important to conduct an Internet providers comparison in order to ensure the Internet services provider you select is able to meet your business' current and future needs.

For help evaluating the most appropriate connectivity option for your business network ... including a comparison of available providers ... simply request a free quote here:

Broadband Comparison

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