Monday, October 29, 2012

What Does The Cloud Mean To You?

Cloud means scalable computing resources... You can think of it as a large computer that you can scale up and down based your needs. In traditional computing, if you are not using your computer, it idles doing nothing. In cloud computing, that wasted resource is put to good use and you only pay for what you use.

There are a few other "clouds" which have nothing to do with this definition. Personal Cloud is one in which basically your data in all your personal devices is aggregated and made available from any device.

Some uses cases are personal storage in the cloud, although that's hardly the only use. Web servers can take advantage of the cloud to become highly available and geographically sensitive. Clouds can be used to rent computing for a one time intensive computing event.

But the general idea is, pay only for what you use, and repurpose what you don't for other tasks.

The main problems with cloud involve bandwidth, industry and country regulations, and portability. Also most applications need to be "modernized" to fully take advantage of the cloud fabric. Just taking your SaaS solution and putting it in the cloud doesn't mean you are a cloud solution, contrary to what some may think.

An interesting resource if you want to learn more about what it takes to create a large scale cloud solution is the Netflix technical blog. They are one of the few customers that survived the Amazon outage since they undestood what they were doing while designing the solution.

Netflix Technical Blog

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enterprise Mobility ... Mobile Lifecycle Management

Understanding the majority of today's enterprise mobility challenges requires a firm grasp on the implications of "the consumerization of IT". There are 2 tempting but ultimately incomplete solutions for this phenomenon ... BYOD and MDM/MAM. However, there is also a legitimate Telecom Lifecycle Management solution that works.

To take advantage of Telecom Lifecycle Management services from Advantix simply request a free quote here ....

Telecom Lifecycle Management

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Monday, October 22, 2012

tw telecom Launches Dynamic Bandwidth

tw telecom has revolutionized dynamic bandwidth capacity through their new dynamic bandwidth product. With the click of a button tw telecom customers can now adjust their bandwidth needs up to 300% in real-time.

Ideal Customer Needs:

* Data back-up or replication
* Seasonal traffic increases (Halloween, Christmas)
* Video conferences
* Fluctuating Cloud computing traffic
* Unforeseen events

To take advantage of this capability for YOUR business simply request more information HERE ....

Dynamic Bandwidth

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

GeoQuote Produces One Millionth Quote

After nearly ten years of quoting, GeoQuote has produced its 1,000,000th quote for dedicated bandwidth and other network services. GeoQuote was originally created and patented in 2003 by Telarus to help you check broadband and telecom service pricing from over 40 suppliers nationwide. Offering real time quotes via email....with follow-up research on special unadvertised pricing....Geoquote is able to find the most cost effective solution to meet any need.

GeoQuote has now become the industry standard for carrier research. GeoQuote has become a great source of intelligence and efficiency for businesses needing solutions for their voice, data, or internet networks. Covering T1 lines, DS3 bandwidth, SONET, fiber, MPLS, business ethernet (fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, metro ethernet, carrier ethernet Ethernet over Copper), cloud services, SIP trunking, business VoIP, hosted PBX, wireless solutions, co-location options, and more.

Try it out yourself .... simply request a free real time quote HERE

Voice, Data, Internet Network Solutions

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Telecommunication News For October 2012...Ethernet over Copper, Hosted Voice, High Speed Networks, Business Ethernet, Optical Networking, Fiber, And More

Here's the current news for October from the telecommunications industry.

* MegaPath - completes national Ethernet over Copper rollout, adding to the largest EoC footprint in the United States.

* Zayo - wrapped up its acquisition of the remaining piece of USCarrier Telecom.

* XO Communications - announced its expansion into the Toronto market where it can now offer high-speed network services to enterprise and wholesale customers.

* Integra - now offers Hosted Voice Service. This service provides a fully managed and feature-rich integrated voice, data and equipment solution for business customers of all sizes.

* CBeyond - has selected BTI's Ethernet Business Services and Metro Packet Optical Networking Solutions to rapidly provision services to small and mid-sized businesses on its high-speed dedicated network.

* tw telecom - aims to reach more than 300 new business customers by expanding its fiber network to fast-growing parts of Kansas City.

To take advantage of any of the services dicussed above simply request more information and a free quote HERE

Network Solutions

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Unified IP Communications Services...Smoothstone IP Communications

Smoothstone IP Communications is a nationwide provider of unified IP communications services to mid-sized enterprises. Smoothstone delivers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IP trunking, unified threat management, MPLS networking, contact center solutions, messaging and advanced collaboration tools as a unified suite of managed services and cloud based applications. Smoothstone's scalable, on-demand applications & services can be integratedwith a customer's existing network and telecommunications infrastructure, operational processes and employee activities, enabling a customer to migrate to unified IP communications as their business requirements dictate.

Smoothstone has built a nationwide private IP network for delivering voice, data, and video, and local dialtone. Smoothstone caters specifically to enterprises that need to extend IP communications to hundreds or thousands of employees, in multiple geographic locations.

Smoothstone was the first to introduce a converged voice and data service over an MPLS network. The Smoothstone platform as a whole has a distributed architecture, with different features being served from various facilities. Their MPLS services combine best-of-breed carrier networks to create a completely private, fast and flexible solution that lets you prioritize voice, video and data applications, while consolidating all traffic onto a single, easy–to–manage network infrastructure.

Smoothstone can integrate their services with an existing network, or help deploy and manage an MPLS network. Customers are spared the cost of purchasing, deploying, and maintaining the applications, and, to some degree, the infrastructure on which it runs. Second, all maintenance, management, and upgrades are handled by Smoothstone.

Smoothstone offers everything from TDM IP Trunking and SIP trunking to fully-hosted PBX and VoIP to the desktop. Their services include domestic and international calling plans with direct inward dialing (DID), unlimited local calling, four–digit on–net calling and E911. Smoothstone calls never touch the Internet—although they do offer their clients Internet access over the same circuit.

To take advantage of what Smoothstone IP Communications can do for your business simply request a free quote here ...

IP Communications

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Global Interconnectivity ...Data Center & Colocation Solutions

Telx is your strategic partner for global interconnectivity solutions. Their strategically located, network-neutral interconnection and colocation facilities provide cost-effective, reliable and secure access to 750+ telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises. And, with 28,000+ direct connections providing lower costs, near zero latency and fewer points of failure.

With Telx's private cabinets and custom cages, customers can procure custom power solutions based on their deployment specifications. All Telx facilities are built to provide N+1 redundancy, full UPS power and generator backup to deliver the highest level of uptime availability for our customer's mission critical operations.

The Telx colocation advantage ....

* Get superior network performance, lower network costs, and proven redundancy for mission critical applications through Telx’s 28,000+ cross connections.

* Connect with a network-neutral, global ecosystem of 750+ telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud providers, and enterprises in a secure and reliable environment. Reduce network costs by replacing local loops with less expensive and more flexible interconnection options.

* Connect quickly and seamlessly through fast, reliable networks to support faster time-to-market for new services.

* Protect your data assets with Telx’s disaster management, early warning systems, redundancies, and diversification of communications technologies – plus the highest level of backup power and power generators.

* Reduce costs and gain the flexibility to expand business opportunities and service offerings without making additional IT investments.

All of Telx's 15-facilities are strategically located in the premier telecom buildings across the United States, including:

Atlanta, GA- 56 Marietta Street
Charlotte, NC - 113 N. Myers Street
Chicago, IL- 350 E. Cermak Road
Chicago, IL- 600 S. Federal Street
Clifton, NJ- 100 Delawanna Avenue
Dallas, TX- 2323 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX- 8435 Stemmons Freeway
Los Angeles, CA- 600 W. 7th Street
Miami, FL- 36 N.E. 2nd Avenue
New York, NY- 60 Hudson Street
New York, NY- 111 Eighth Avenue
Phoenix, AZ - 120 East Van Buren Street
San Francisco, CA - 200 Paul Avenue
Santa Clara, CA - 1100 Space Park Drive
Weehawken, NJ - 300 Boulevard East

To see what Telx can do for your business simply request a free quote here ...

Data Center and CoLocation Solutions

Telx Network Map ....

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Monday, October 08, 2012

When It Comes To Ethernet Pricing, Integra Telecom Can't Be Beat

Integra Telecom is a facilities-based CLEC offering service across 11 western states with significant fiber network assets, including a 3,000+ route-mile (160,000 fiber miles) metro area network and more than 5,000 route-mile long haul network. Integra is currently the 4th largest CLEC in the U.S.

In contrast to companies that simply resell services from the monopoly Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC), Integra Telecom owns and operates its own network offering local dial tone, domestic and international long distance, high-speed Internet and data services (including digital subscriber line or DSL), voice messaging, and numerous ancillary services designed to support the communication needs of businesses including business phone systems.

Integra Telecom also provides managed services and converged Internet Protocol (IP) network services that combine voice, Internet access, and private data networking for small and medium sized companies, enterprises, national and government accounts.

To learn what Integra Telecom services can do for your business simply request a free quote here ...

Integra Telecom

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Best Source For International Voice, Data, & Internet Networks...Level 3

Level 3 Communications is an international communications company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company operates one of the world's largest communications and Internet backbones over an IP-optimized network.

Level 3 operates one of the largest backbone networks of any Internet service provider. Interconnections between major cities are done via 10 Gbit/s Ethernet links. Its network covers the continental US, and most of Western Europe. Level 3's primary focus is network stability and security. Level 3 also provides specialized services for businesses, such as VPN, metro ethernet, voice services, and Video Transport services. Level 3 provides the backhaul video services from stadiums and arenas throughout the US to network head-end service points for NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL events.

Level 3 currently has connectivity to every long-distance tandem office in the United States, as well as to a large and growing number of end offices. Their customers have the ability to terminate calls anywhere in the world over the Level 3 Network.

The Level 3 network was recently overbuilt with new DWDM, IP and private-line switching layers. Level 3 technology deployments have enabled new, market-leading services like 10 GigE LAN PHY and 40 Gbps Wavelength services.

Level 3 Products include ....

* Data T1
* Bonded T1
* Frac/Full DS3
* Frac/Full OC3/12/48
* Ethernet over Copper
* Ethernet over DS1/DS3
* Metro Fiber Ethernet
* Gigabit Ethernet
* Integrated (SIP Handoff)
* Integrated (PRI Handoff)
* Integrated (Analog Handoff)
* Local Voice
* Dedicated LD (In/Out)
* SIP (Local/LD Trunks)
* Voice over MPLS
* Point to Point
* Ethernet WAN
* Colocation
* Wireless Backup (Spring 3G)

To get a free quote for any of the services listed above simply ask here ...

Level 3 Communications Services

Level 3 Communications Videos

Level 3 Communications Network Map

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Monday, October 01, 2012

How To Get Free Real Time Quotes For Business Voice, Data, & Internet Services

See just how easy it is to get FREE real-time quotes on T1 lines, DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, MPLS, cloud services, business VoIP, PRI, business phone service, and MUCH more using the patented quote system at FreedomFire Communications.

To get your free quote for business voice, data, or internet services simply ask here ...

Business Voice, Data, & Internet Services

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