Thursday, September 06, 2012

Reliable Data Back-Up Is Important To Your Business

How would your Business cope with Data Loss / a Data Disaster?

How reliable is your back-up solution?

Could your Business survive if your Backup failed when you needed it most?

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are vital for any business. This is a question I often ask prospective customers, and for many, they have to really think about the answer. I find that people don't fully understand what it takes to backup your business data and ensure true Business Continuity. They understand it needs to be done, and they have an idea of what it takes, but usually don't have the services, and/or infrastructure.

Windstream offers DRaaS services along with Data Center and Collocation Services. I ALWAYS recommend to prospective customers that they at the very least Collocate off-site (in case of fire, flooding, etc.).

Data loss is a serious problem. All companies would agree on that. We regularly hear news stories about data loss. These range from the big ones, like the Sony hack last year, to the smaller stories, like the lawyer suing apple over his lost time capsule. There are so many consequences of data loss including damaging your company's reputation, having to replace lost data, and can even result in fines. So it is extremely important that you have a reliable data backup to your business, to eliminate these consequences.

If you ask me - a better question is how much time, effort, and money are you willing to put into data protection. Just about everyone wants reliable backups and a sound disaster recovery plan, but when it comes time to pay for it many companies find themselves settling for nine fives instead of five nines.

The good news is there are many new and emerging technologies that provide cost-effective options. Some of these are discussed in the article below ....

Disaster Recovery Past And Present

For help finding the right Data Back-Up / Disaster Recovery solution for your business ... at no cost to you ... simply ask here:

Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Support

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