Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Much Of A Burden Are Federal And State Regulations On Your WAN?

There aren’t any state or federal regulations that directly affect the operation of a private WAN. There are regulations that affect the choices that are available to us from vendors, but nothing that affects which choice we make from what is available. I would say vendor marketing has as much to do with that as any government regulations.

For the most part, the government has been deftly pushing on the carriers/LECs to allow a level of competition, force incumbents to modernize their networks, but not allow the collapse of the LECs. The success of their actions can be seen in steadily falling prices over the last 20 years (over 90% reduction in cost of broadband), increased reliability in primary carriers, and vastly improved capacities.

When a network is connected to the Internet a certain level of responsibility and liability may kick in –
Regulatory compliance tends to be industry specific, and in many cases country specifc.  
I think that the burden for a national network is dwarfed by the issues that come up for international.....

It is getting more open and easier, but some countries have complicated rules limiting how voice can go across international boundaries, or constraining Internet access.

The issues are mostly a burden on carriers - they get the per country complications such as "limit access to Priate Bay" legal constraints (to mention just 1 recent issue in the uk), or access to some types of adult material and so on.

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