Monday, September 03, 2012

Common Telecommunication Challenges Faced By Businesses

Still "off the radar" today most organizations are wasting millions of dollars unnecessarily on telecom expenses and manual processes.

Current Scenario....

• Telecom and related network services represent almost 4% of revenue & now a Top Four Expense Item

• Analysts report that up to 26% is erroneous and could be avoided

• Lacking a proactive, automated, enterprise-wide process driven approach to managing the end-to-end telecom lifecycle means $3.9M wasted on $15 million total spend

Here's a link to a short presentation that will provide more insight into the problem facing most organizations today:

Telecommunication Issues In Business Today

In addition to eliminating unnecessary and erroneous telecom expenses, another common challenge is to significantly improving visibility, control and tighter network and mobile device security to help mitigate risk of security and privacy breaches.
Generally, it depends on the business and how it uses telecom. For example service providers and other consumers of large-scale high performance telecom will have difficulties that are far different than other businesses.

They may include....

*  cost/risk vs. reward

*  outages due to change defects

*  equipment maintenance costs

*  scale vs. demand

*  regulatory issues and permits

*  etc. etc.

An enterprise on the other hand would largely contract to such a network provider for service.

Their concerns would be things like ....

*  Upgrading legacy connections such as Frame-relay and ATM to cheaper more modern services based on business ethernet and/or MPLS networks

*  Site/Datacenter consolidation

*  Monitoring/repair/vendor relationships

*  Equipment depreciation/upgrade

*  Keeping staff current on industry practices

*  Performance optimization

*  Capacity tracking, management and augmentation planning

There are also specialty organizations that will have unique requirements different from the first two.

*  Police departments that use 3G/4G WAN to network individual cruisers and/or stations.

*  Datacenter providers who's telecom is largely within a single building with few links between them.

It's sort of a broad question if you think about how widely telecom is used today.

For any business wanting help with their Telecom needs .... at no cost to them ... simply ask here:

Business Telecom Solutions

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