Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite Apps For Your Android Phone?

Here's a list of cell phone apps that help you be more productive, are helpful while on the road, are entertaining, or are just down right cool. This isn't meant to be an all inclusive ... so feel free to suggest your own favorites by leaving a comment.

QuickOffice Pro (Office Suite also PDF reader)

Evernote (notes app and also use it with the Skitch app too)

Google Docs (Office Suite in the cloud)

Google Maps (maps and navigation)

Dropbox (Cloud storage and public file sharing)

Google Goggles (great for QR/Barcodes)

AppGarden (replaces dozens of tools)

Realcalc (a better calculator)

Google Voice (Primarily for the free text messaging)

Google Talk (IM to communicate with)

Key Ring (stores customer value cards)

Shopper (shopping list creator)

CameraZoom FX (The best camera app IMO)

Google Reader (RSS reader)

ReadItLater (for off line web article reading)

BeFunky Pro (photo effects editor)

PicSay Pro (looks like it is stupid but it's great for marking up photos)

DoggCatcher (podcast player)

TuneIn Pro (Radio app)

Google Play Music (cloud music player)

PowerAmp (local music player)

Google Play Books (eBook reader for Google books)

Kindle Reader App (eBook reader for Amazon books)

Wunderlist (cloud based list maker)

CamScanner (scans and converts docs to PDF)

You should find many of these apps liste phone section of this website ... as well as a tool to do a search and compare of cell phones (model and vendor) - -

Cell Phone Apps

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Anonymous brigitte said...

These mobile apps are so powerful, I can't barely choose the best... :0)
Well! Among all, I enjoyed using the following applications listed below without any ranks and so far I like them all;
* CamScanner
* Google Talk
* Google Docs
* ReadItLater
* Key Ring

These mobile apps help me a lot when accessing important things along my Android phone.

10:43 AM  

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