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Marketing Podcast Tips for Telecommunications Companies from Maria Pinochet

Normally BroadBand Nation is quite technical in nature which is necessary, but may I share some real insight into another side of successful telecommunications, business ethernet, dark fiber, business voip, and broadband business?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses in North America and in other countries provide some type of communications services such as telecommunications, IP communications, IP TV, mobile service, and unified communications. Even if the best infrastructure, website, customer portals and relationship management, and team are on board, out-dated forms of or lack of marketing can kill growth and brand. Such lack of planning often results in lack of sales and customer retention. Listen by clicking to stream or download (orange podcast button) and listen to our third in a series of audio podcasts with Maria Pinochet, founder and president of Kore Access. Her clients are involved in your industry and ours.

"The old way to get attention in the market is to say 'I'm number one and these are the reasons why'," says Ms. Pinochet. " ... instead of trying to get attention, put the spotlight on the customer ... study the patterns of what gets communicated virally, that's going to be one of the key components of viral communications."

Video testimonials are a great example of focusing on the customer and in turn, being recommended over and over on the web as a result. In them, I noted that we should not only ask for their experience with our companies, but also any problems they had, how they were resolved and of course, let them talk about their own business, services and expertise!

Allowing one's brand to be discussed in a worst case scenario can actually be a very successful counter intuitive marketing strategy. Both parties, the customer and the vendor are educating, solving problems and showing a true picture of real life business processes. Quite often this leads to new respect for the companies involved and eventual new sales.

Maria Pinochet (pronounced Pea No Shay) describes some of her clients and how she has helped them to grow more. Typically, they are successful offline as popular, empowering speakers and providers of highly effective services or quality products. They just have not taken advantage of the Internet at all or not very well. She truly understands how that a business and its management and ownership have to think outside of themselves and instead to empower their audience and market.

She says, "We (her clients like you and me) want our customers (their market, their users) to have a conversation about me, without me which is very difficult ..."

Kore Access taps into industry expertise throughout South America, North America and Europe. When a business has a website, suddenly, its potential market is not just those within easy travel distance. It can be worldwide. Even though local businesses do not realize it, they do get international traffic on their sites, people looking for their products and services!

Why not explore ways to capture that value? Ms. Pinochet notes that is worth the time to make sure that cultural divides are bridged where profitable for all involved in the potential of international expansion. Google analytics and Alexa analytics can assist businesses in knowing which countries and cities are visiting one's business presence online. The objective, of course, is adding sales via innovative, intuitive and as shocking as it seems ... counter intuitive marketing.

Regarding cultural differences and divide, when a business's core values are not aligned with those of the customers or even potential investors, the trust issue is like a door that "Open, Sesame!" will never open.

As Maria says, "It is not that one culture or another is wrong, but it is simply that we have different norms about what we would say and how we say it."

What an interesting and eye-opening experience she had in a Scandinavian culture while on a business trip. Maria Pinochet was told that she was confrontative and aggressive in nature ... there.  She was shocked.

Next, we discuss that most businesses still think of social networks as "the black box." In fact, a survey respondent about social networks for business use said that it cannot possibly be measured because it just seems so subjective, so why bother with it? Maria says that depending upon one's market, social networks and media have an important place in business to business scenarios. It's an important decision-making tool. An example would be the audio podcast between Maria Pinochet of Kore Access and Suzanne Bowen (entrepreneur and publicist) that this blog post is based on. Ms. Pinochet believes that podcasting, blogging and Linkedin are the three key areas where businesses seek information before purchasing.

Most businesses want the following:
1. See that everyone in their company uses their time wisely
2. Know their sales goals, best way to nurture leads, qualify them correctly, retain customers

"All of these have a direct link to a social media initiative, believe it or not," says Maria.

For example, sales people while talking with current and potential customers can share direct links to company blog posts, especially those with the most comments on them. Each social media whether a network, blog, podcast, video channel and such, give businesses the opportunity to use some KPI (key performance indicators) to discover what is effective in nurturing the sales pipeline.

To be truly competitive, Maria Pinochet says that businesses need to have a clear vision of how everything is fitting in their system to create the results that really matter for themselves, prospects and clients.

Get in touch with Kore Access and Maria Pinochet on Cut to the Kore blog, Linkedin, Twitter (where she is an expert in my opinion) and the company website. We welcome your comments on old vs. new styles of marketing, how social media mixes well with business, counter intuitive marketing, video testimonials, expanding one's market to larger geographical areas, and social networks as "black box."

Many thanks to Freedom Fire Business VoIP Solutions for enabling me Suzanne Bowen to share this audio podcast and blog post with great tips on B 2 B social media marketing in 2012 and forward.


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