Monday, May 07, 2012

MPLS University... FREE MPLS-Related Education

Businesses are demanding more out of the technologies that keep them competitive. FreedomFire Communications is the one to get you there. Don't miss out on the opportunity for expert advice on MPLS technology, always-on connectivity, voice, security, regulatory and compliance requirements, cost control, and more. Check out MPLS University, brought to you by MegaPath, to get free training on all things associated to keeping your business on pace with technology. Visit MPLS University to learn more today.

MPLS University

Going to be at Channel Partners Show Vegas? Come see MPLS University Live and learn more about the MPLS Implementation Timeline from design through installation and How to Build A Private Cloud. Content will also be available on the MPLS U site on-demand after the show.

Examples of On-Demand Courses:

* Getting the Most Out of the Cloud
* MPLS and the Cloud in Action
* The Myths and Realities of Cloud-based Voice
* Get Your Head in the Cloud: MPLS-as-a-Service
* Performance, Security, and Scale are Not a Pipe Dream
* Big Network Dreams on Small Budgets

For free assistance and customized solutions covering all the cost effective network options MPLS can provide you, simply request information here:

MPLS Networks

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