Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Use Managed Services?

Many of today’s small to medium sized businesses are opting for managed IT services as it is cheaper and in many cases, more effective than trying to run an entire IT infrastructure in-house. There are a number of advantages to having a team of experienced professionals at the ready to look after your IT systems and handle issues as they arise. 
This article will look at some key benefits of managed IT services for your business environment.

Centralized Platform
You have a small business where you manage a couple of servers, a few dozen laptops and desktops, a couple of printers, and a number of smart phones to keep your workers connected with the business while they are out in the field. 

With a managed IT solution, you can have a single, centralized point of contact, such as a help desk, that your employees can turn to whenever they have any IT related questions or requests. This help desk will monitor your network and respond to threats and challenges 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Systems Administration
Managed IT will also provide hardware support on location, administration of your system (ex. when accounts need to be created or passwords need to be reset) and also deal with the change management process of setting up the new IT infrastructure with proper training.
In addition, a managed solution will also be charged with:

  • Installing, reinstalling, and deleting software and applications;
  • Backing up data and programs as needed;
  • Managing your printers and wireless devices;
  • Replacing hardware and software packages as needed. 
Boost the Power of Your IT Resources
Why drain your IT department’s valuable expertise by making them run daily operational tasks?  Managed IT services will take care of back-ups, systems maintenance, install a wireless printer, resolve that virus that was brought in on a USB stick and spread throughout your network…  Essentially, they’ll put out all the fires so you can use your IT resources to innovate and improve services.


The Bottom Line:
Outsourcing your IT needs with a managed solution like Syntax managed services will help you gain the competitive edge while resolving  tech-related issues quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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