Monday, April 30, 2012

What Is Unified Communications?

Unified communications allows all formats (voice, video, cellular, email, messaging, presence, etc.) to converge into one platform. That means instant messaging finds you whether you are at your desk, in a meeting, on the road or where ever. It means that when you are on a call at your desk and you need to leave, you transfer the call to you cell phone and move on. It means that video conference calls between offices take place from the users' desks, etc.

In a word, it allows people to remain connected to employees and customers while being mobile. People can be traveling to customer sites, sales calls, site visits, remote offices, (even vacationing) and still be reached by other staff and customers. It really makes doing those things easy.

The business case is efficiency and customer availablility.

Unified Communications can greatly benefit a small business by resolving the complexities of fragmented communication. A bigger business image can be projected to the callers with Unified means of communication. Web conferences can be conducted online with the involvement of text, images and pdf files for effective communication. Just a click of a button is required to share multiple data files with various recipients instantly to grab the best deals and impress the clients. Real time collaboration helps employees connect on a greater basis.

I always thought the whole idea of UC went far beyond simply unifying voice, video, IM, email, SMS, etc. in a single enterprise communications platform, even if all those modes were accessible by all registered users from any location. Wasn’t the idea to make communications (in any form) fundamentally integral to business processes? Then, you’d have benefits derived from being able to communicate with anyone, right from within the business application you happened to be using, and have both parties with simultaneous, seamless access to the same data throughout the conversation. Effective, efficient and productive (EEP). Not many so-called UC providers offer all of that. Most are merely multi-channel contact centre systems by another name.

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