Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healthcare IT costs in NJ 25% less than NYC

Healthcare IT is a $2.6 trillion services industry.  One of the key drivers, cited by The Boyd Reports 'Healthcare Services Industry:  A Comparative Cost Analysis for Information Assurance Operations,' is security.  Other key factors include capital spending and site selection as key considerations for companies within the healthcare services industry.  The study recently published by Boyd, a company that provides independent site selection counsel to leading U.S. and overseas corporations, explores the healthcare data security center costs across 50 U.S. cities.  The report explores the total operating costs for each city and breaks these operational costs down.  For instance, New York City, which is ranked the most expensive city to operate a Healthcare data center, could cost companies over $31.6 million.  Calculations include labor costs, power, property and sales tax, HVAC costs and travel (to and from).  This figure, compared to the study's lowest cost city, Sioux Falls, SD comes in at just over $17 million for the same considerations.  Is a NYC address worth more than double the cost of the nation's lowest cost healthcare IT facility location?If you need a NYC Metro address, it's much easier to....CONTINUE READING ON FIBERMEDIA BLOG

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