Thursday, March 01, 2012

More On Ethernet Over Copper Pros And Cons

I'd say that one real "pro" for Ethernet Over Copper (EOC) is that if one pair does go bad, your service is merely degraded until it's repaired. If you have 8 pairs providing 30mbps, and you lose one pair, you only suffer a slight degradation until the pair is restored.

As for upgrade limitations, I think this is also changing, since the technology has improved a great deal over the past few years. Most companies like Allied Telecom (DC region) are routinely upgrading customers that had 5 - 15 mbps, to 30 -50mbps in a matter of days. As a long time "fiber guy", I've become incredibly impressed with the robustness and flexibility of EOC.

Some Pro's for using copper:

1) Most infrastructures that are older have telephone lines already installed with copper cabling running throughout. So no need to pull the lines and install fiber when you can utilize the existing copper and reach 10/100/1000mb speeds depending on the category of wiring present.

2) You can send Power over Ethernet via copper whereas fiber you cannot. This is very useful in remote locations where there is no outlet for power. One instance would be a IP camera requiring PoE in a parking lot. You can run the copper to the light-pole and provide power and data for video feed which is convenient.

3) Most clients are strapped for cash and don't have the extra financial backbone to engage in an infrastructure overhaul installing fiber throughout an existing application. So where do they turn, copper.

Of course with copper are the con's we are all familiar with whether it be signal degradation over a greater distance or interference over the copper cabling from certain machinery.

Fiber on the other hand appears to be vigorously expanding its outreach and its versatility. Many new infrastructures are trenching fiber as it is the most current solution for Ethernet and constantly revamping with the advances in industry today.

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