Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Len Bosack, CEO of XKL Announces a 100G DWDM Universal Starter Kit

On a quest for Terabit technology since 2001, Len Bosack has taken another stride toward his goal of engineering innovative optical transport solutions.  XKL’s latest engineering feat brings 100G DWDM to clients in a cost-effective and efficient easy to use platform.  This new 100G-transport technology indicates significant advancements in DWDM optical equipment and provides advanced support to power enterprise networks, data centers and regional/long-haul transmission routes.

According to Bosack, this announcement is only one of many that XKL is set to announce this year.  He has implemented 100G DWDM optical networking transport solutions using advanced modulation techniques that provide more spectral efficiency.  What is spectral efficiency you might ask?  It’s the measure of how efficiently a limited frequency spectrum is utilized by the physical layer.  In other words, if you can be efficient in transmitting light across your fiber, you can achieve more speed and bandwidth.  That appears to be exactly what Len Bosack and his engineering team at XKL is set to improve.  

What other features are important to XKL?

  • Equipment must be compatible with the existing infrastructure that supports 10G DWDM deployments. This means equipment must be tolerant to PMD, CD, and other fiber nonlinearities as well as interoperate with existing engineering rules established for 10G.
  • Systems must be easily deployed and managed. Equipment cannot require tweaking and be difficult when adding lambdas.
  • Products must be highly robust, cost effective and enable industry leading low latency for data transmission.

For details on XKL’s latest announcement about it’s Universal Starter kit for 100G per lambda DWDM gear, visit www.xkl.com.  To learn more about XKL’s DarkStar suite of products, email xkl@imillerpr.com.

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