Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As the Crow Flies – Network Connectivity Taking the Straight Path

If you could just dig a trench from one location to another and not worry about anything in between – or simply fly direct, over land and sea to get to your destination we can get to where we are going a lot faster. In reality, we have hills to climb, lakes to traverse, turns to maneuver and obstacles to get around. There are buildings, homes, trees, gardens, farms, stores, schools, private property and more to overcome. Getting from point A to point B is not as easy as pulling a string across the room to measure the distance from one wall to another. In the land of communications, building the shortest path is not so easy. There are municipalities to work with, permits to acquire, construction to undertake and many obstacles to overcome – both above and under the ground.

What gets the job done is experience, know-how and contacts. That’s what makes the team at Cross River Fiber so affective. They have built, at the time, best of breed dark fiber networks throughout New Jersey before. Now, the team has amassed even more knowledge, contacts and has identified the routes that need the most attention and have undertaken the construction of building the newest and most direct dark fiber communication routes throughout the State of New Jersey.
That’s the motto at Cross River Fiber. They are in the throws of constructing brand new fiber paths that will reach the towns and villages of Edison, Iselin, Woodbridge, Piscataway and Somerset New Jersey. Not only are they connecting major data centers, enterprise campuses and buildings, but they have the ability to provide custom solutions that deliver dark fiber network directly to hospitals, Government offices, University campuses, major enterprise campuses and more. To find out how Cross River Fiber can ‘Take you There’ contact the team at They will provide you with a network review, project plan and timeline to get you connected – the most direct way.

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