Thursday, March 22, 2012

Has Cloud Computing Changed The Telecommunications Landscape?

"Cloud Computing" hasn't changed the Telecommunications landscape at all in my opinion.

For starters, the Cloud is only as good as the services feeding into it, and in order to benefit greatly from the "Cloud" you need fast internet service that feeds through a lot of data, this covers both wire-line and wireless alike.

When networks start to become faster, more accessible to the average person/business, and reliability can be assured by the services feeding into it, then we will see a major shift in "Cloud" based services.

So in order for the landscape to change the following needs to be addressed:

1. Cost of entry to the "Cloud" itself.

2. Cost of entry to the services to support such demanding setup .... e.g. Fiber, 4G, and larger volumes of accessible data.

3. Perception of service, meaning that not many currently see the value added in it. The Telco's have not promoted it well, again pointing to how it hasn't changed the landscape in anyway. Its still the same old Telco mentality, "throw it out there and lets see who bites."

I personally believe we are still quite a ways yet from the landscape changing. Networks need to support such a move and businesses need confidence in the service. Without that it will be a slow crawl to change.

A lot of adoption has been for specific services that can "go cloud" - but not much of that changed recently.

Note that many companies looking at the cloud already started with some centralized data centres, and moving your IT to someone elses DC or servers somewhere out in the Internet is not a huge change in how you operate the WAN to get to services.

The flip side to putting aspects of services in the cloud is the current heat and light about taking that to its logical conclusion and putting everything in the cloud - that seems much more of a stretch for many companies with complex IT.

What it will do is drive more demand for bandwidth, and more demand for WAN / Internet access reliability - after the cloud becomes the new IT black hole if you lose access.

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