Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carrier Ethernet Equipment Demand, An Indicator of Global Network Access Trends

Infonetics Research increased its long-term forecast for the Ethernet equipment market from $37.5 billion to $40.2 billion by 2015. Behind these macro-numbers that demonstrate usage and investment in Carrier Ethernet equipment, is the industry's evolving move to next-generation packet-based IP networks, and the related pace of backhaul traffic from consumer, business and mobile.
Global Capacity, which provides an automated pricing and ordering platform for carriers, has seen market demand for Ethernet services shift to the positive in a big way over the course of the last year. With this in mind, the integration of Ethernet service into their comprehensive product offer quickly became a necessity.  In fact, corporate leadership advised that entering 2011, Ethernet quotes made up less than 1% of total quote demand as fielded through their proprietary One Marketplace Access Exchange platform.  Over the course of the last year however, quotes specifying Ethernet doubled in volume, while overall requests for quote have risen to a volume of over 200,000/per month. 

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange platform is used to generate automatic quotes on a case-by-case basis. The latest iteration of the platform provides customers with automated access to customized Ethernet pricing, in addition to other types of service. Information generated is based on customer-specific requirements, such as location data, supplier rates and design and engineering rules that are unique to that customer, eliminating the manual process of generating quotes. 

It seems the real value for operators is derived out of the opportunity to facilitate revenue growth by exposing on-net Ethernet services to automated market demand, while improving EBITDA performance through lower operating expenses. The tool improves efficiency, while effectively streamlining and optimizing the pricing, procurement and provisioning of access network elements – all through a simplified interconnect. 

Visit www.globalcapacity.com for more information, and consult the available case studies for reference to the possible efficiencies in global network access.

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