Monday, March 05, 2012

Business Ethernet Options

Here's a simple explanation of modern Business Ethernet services delivered by an ISP....

Logically speaking, Ethernet fills a void that is in between DSL and T1 technologies. T1 is capable of providing synchronous upload and download but loops quickly get pricey when bonding. DSL is cheap but unable to provide significant upload throughput. Business Ethernet is less expensive than comparable throughput via bonded T1s, more expensive than DSL, but is able to provide synchronous throughput. It is also distance sensitive.

There are 4 types of typical Ethernet services provided by carriers.

* Local Ethernet - typically delivered in a data center. No difference than the Ethernet you use to plug your computer into your router.

* Ethernet over SDSL - a very cheap way of getting up to 3.0 Mbps up and down of throughput. Overhead on this product is typically high however and that most speed test sites will not clock at over 2.5. That said it is by far the cheapest Ethernet option.

* Ethernet over DS1/T1 - Literally bonded T1s running Ethernet frames for consistent header sizes. Randomly cheaper usually than the same amount of throughput via regular bonded T1 loops.

* Ethernet over Copper - The technology in question. Currently Telnes provides up to 20 Mbps services using this technology which on their network elements use Adtran or Hatteras equipment.

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Business Ethernet

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