Monday, February 06, 2012

Who Is Cbeyond

Cbeyond is a leading broadband, mobile voice and data, IT, and business phone service provider built exclusively to serve the communication needs of small businesses. They provide an integrated bundle of business-grade services that include broadband, PRI, hosted PBX, SIP trunks, web hosting, cloud servers, email, data backup and security, voicemail, and more.

What You Should Know About Cbeyond

Cbeyond is the leader in the emerging VoIP, dedicated Internet and cloud-based services market. Cbeyond uses a private IP network and softswitch technology to deliver high-quality, affordable communications services.

* Unlike many VoIP companies, Cbeyond’s voice calls travel over a dedicated IP connection to ensure Quality of Service and achieve 99.999% availability
* Cbeyond’s dedicated broadband connection provides the same upload and download speeds
* Cbeyond Cloud Services offer scalable applications that control costs, increase reliability and allow remote access

Cbeyond Products:

* High Speed Internet * International VoIP * Local Phone Service * LD Phone Service * Toll-free Service * SIP Trunking * PRI * Virtual Cloud Servers
* Dedicated Cloud Servers * Cloud PBX * Audio & Web Conferencing * Fax to Email
* Hosted Microsoft Exchange * Voicemail * Virtual Receptionist * Secure Backup
* Secure Desktop * Managed Firewall * VPN * Network Configuration * Mobile Phones & Devices * Mobile Workforce Manager * Web Hosting

Cbeyond Service Areas:

* Atlanta * Boston * Chicago * Dallas-Fort Worth * Denver * Detroit * San Francisco Bay Area * Houston * Los Angeles * Miami * Minneapolis/St. Paul * San Diego * Seattle * Washington D.C.

To take advantage of any of the Cbeyond services listed above ... simply request a free quote here:

Business VoIP Solution and Cloud Based Services

Cbeyond Videos

Cbeyond Network Map

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