Friday, February 17, 2012

Trending Positive...The Dark Fiber Business

Based on the thought process that the explosion of bandwidth demand won't be ramping down any time goes the consumption of dark fiber.  From wireless infrastructure and demand driven by Video over IP, and all of the world's appetite for portable devices, the dark fiber business is trending...positive.

Network operators engaged in expanding their reach, and end-users growing their local area Ethernet for example, are big consumers - especially as the availability and accessibility of the commodity has rapidly decreased the cost of implementing feasible network solutions.

Key industries driving a large part of the consumption include:
  • Carriers
  • Enterprise & Financial
  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Capacity Expansion

While there was a case made for defining the industry as  one of over capacity, it seems this is largely attributed to the availability of technologies implemented back in the 1990's.  By increasing the capacity that could be placed on a single fiber by a factor of as much as 100, the demand for fiber was  immediately reduced.  As a result, the wholesale price of data traffic collapsed. 

More realistically today, the glut of fiber in the US seems to be... greatly exaggerated. Even in 2012, beyond the major metro areas, there exists opportunity to enhance bandwidth. The fiber “drought” impacts regional pockets of wireless, education, government, enterprise and carriers of all sizes. Good news is - with the cost of dark fiber and associated electronics pressured down, projects have become very affordable.  Large and even medium sized organizations can utilize dark fiber with the same benefits and cost savings as the carriers.  In fact, banking, large universities and enterprise business are leading the way, especially as they embrace data center and cloud computing strategies and the networks required. These sectors recognize the value in utilizing dark fiber to leverage gains in the capacity and flexibility of their WANS, and to connect to telecommunications providers of their choice.

Addressing the important domestic need for further/faster broadband access, wireless back-haul, data center distribution and lower latency communication services, a dark fiber connection is the foundation for further strategic fiber builds.  Cross River Fiber, a NJ-based company, designs, constructs, and maintains its own independent fiber-optic network infrastructure throughout the Garden State.  The company provides an alternate solution to Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) for organizations seeking connectivity, and bandwidth without restrictions. For guidance on the most effective and scalable high-speed fiber optic network for your business, consult, or email for immediate inquiries.

For a comparison of multiple providers, no cost design assistance, and including free rate quotes simply request help here.....

Dark Fiber, Business Ethernet, And More

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