Thursday, February 09, 2012

Protect Your Business from the Unexpected

Guest blog post from FiberMedia Group:

Business continuity - We know, it’s critical that your business is available to all of your customers, suppliers, regulators and all the other entities that count on you to stay open.  The success of your corporate business continuity program rests, in a large part, on the capabilities brought to bear to help successfully execute that program.

For your convenience, FiberMedia maintains basic IT infrastructure at every one of our secure facilities, including storage and backup systems for data migration, as well as typical Windows, Linux & Unix hardware for server migration requirements.  Coupled with our managed services suite, availability of bubble equipment allows our clients flexibility while migrating from an existing environment without impacting business and mitigating migration risks.  See our list of extensive resources we provide for you here.

Worried about Disaster Recovery? Don’t panic, we’ve got you and your data covered.  Of course, we hope you never need to test our broad skill set in dealing with unfortunate disaster recovery situations, but we know, that sometimes naturel and even man made events occur.  Fortunately, we’ve made preparations for just about anything that could arise for your business.  FiberMedia can cover your your  continuity and disaster recovery needs. FiberMedia offers the ability to deliver any, or all, of the four key elements (Power, Technology, Space, Connectivity) of business continuity services to get your business up and running through our flexible workgroup recovery options through any disaster.

Our six strategically selected facilities are your back up solution.  With us, your data is secure, you have hands on support 24/7, an on-demand infrastructure to handle back up and recovery needs and business continuity planning.  We’re here, we’ve got your backup.  For more info about how we’re ready to support your business’ data needs, contact us today at or call us at 855-808-3300.

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