Monday, February 20, 2012

Problem - Your Droid X Dies .... Now What?

For sake of example let's say your beloved DroidX dies and your Verizon dealer is giving you a run around .... plus confusing the beejeebus out of you on what your options might be.

So just what are your smartphone choices and options?

I would focus on an Android device, the operating system is open, you have several manufacturers supporting the devices and you have various options. Currently Verizon has two types Android handsets; either designed for EVDO Rev. A 3G or for its new 4G LTE network.

As of late, Verizon has had numerous outages on its 4G network as they build out and they have seen 3 outages in month of December alone. They are however promoting most of thier handsets on the new 4G network, which makes it difficult to decide on a device.

The Droid X you had was a 3G EVDO device and for most users this should provide an excellent experience. The 3G service had a usable speed of approximately 600-800K up and 1.5M down on the Rev. A network. The Verizon 3G 1X network would significantly reduce those download and upload speeds.

The concern with the 4G network would be the coverage, as the Verizon 4G network is still in a building phase and additional outages may affect your experience as well as the congestion that some users have experienced with the Verizon LTE network.

Overall, if you decide to stay on a 3G device I would look at the HTC Incredible 2 or the Motorola Droid 3. These are comparable Android devices with large 4.0+ screens, and Global GSM capability. These should work fine for most business users.

Lastly, if you decide to wait for a 4G device you can consider the Motorola Service Repair site you can get the detailed instructions to Factory Reset your DroidX or send it in for service. It may be a small fee to change the screen or may be fixed using the Online Troubleshooter. Verizon support will recommend that you lock into another agreement in exchange for a device.

You could also say forget Verizon and move to a better carrier; like Sprint.

Should you decide to look for another option ... or are generally just looking for smartphone ... I suggest looking over the options available via this resources:

SmartPhone Choices and Options

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Anonymous Ken U said...

What are you basing your comment on "You could also say forget Verizon and move to a better carrier; like Sprint"? In your opinion, what makes Sprint a better carrier than Verizon? Emphasis is on the word opinion, not fact.

11:18 AM  

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