Monday, February 27, 2012

Are Hosted PBX Systems Becoming Popular With Small Businesses?

I think the answer depends on what businesses and business size you are looking at.

For small and even some medium sized single site - or multiple small site - operations the answer is "yes" because that solution makes sense and is supportable for their limited requirements.

Larger organizations, and particularly large organizations with mid to large multi-site operations see far more value (cost/station and feature-set) by implementing their own solution.

Another point of note here is that many companies still view "PBX" as what they want for their phone systems - and envision that as several hunks of metal and wires heating up a closet. Today, products like NEC Sphericall provide software-based, service oriented architecture and wholly client-owned PBX solutions that have cross-site auto-failover for BC and DR, plus they can be virtualized and require little additional hardware investment.

Even hosted PBX systems require additional hardware at the client site.

So I think the concept of hosted PBX is getting popular in general, but most of the activity is in the SMB space, with the balance on the small end.

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Blogger rajivkumar thanraj said...

Small business PBX system helps the small and medium size business to provide appropriate solutions to the issues they face and it is highly due to the improvement in the technology.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Lincoln Madison said...

Business Phone service for business can become quite complex and require the use of more sophisticated solutions to deliver phone service and For smaller businesses,

1:58 AM  

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