Monday, February 27, 2012

Are Hosted PBX Systems Becoming Popular With Small Businesses?

I think the answer depends on what businesses and business size you are looking at.

For small and even some medium sized single site - or multiple small site - operations the answer is "yes" because that solution makes sense and is supportable for their limited requirements.

Larger organizations, and particularly large organizations with mid to large multi-site operations see far more value (cost/station and feature-set) by implementing their own solution.

Another point of note here is that many companies still view "PBX" as what they want for their phone systems - and envision that as several hunks of metal and wires heating up a closet. Today, products like NEC Sphericall provide software-based, service oriented architecture and wholly client-owned PBX solutions that have cross-site auto-failover for BC and DR, plus they can be virtualized and require little additional hardware investment.

Even hosted PBX systems require additional hardware at the client site.

So I think the concept of hosted PBX is getting popular in general, but most of the activity is in the SMB space, with the balance on the small end.

For help deciding just what you do need ... Hosted PBX or something else .... simply request assitance and a free quote here:

Hosted PBX and More

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Telecom Provider News For February

Here's the news from the Telecommunications industry for February 2012 .....

* AT&T - has teamed with VMware to launch a virtual private cloud service with a wordy moniker: AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service.

* Integra Telecom - is expanding its offering of cloud services for businesses to include cloud-based collaboration and messaging services.

* MegaPath - is trying to lure business more customers to sign up for its growing Ethernet portfolio by serving up a new suite of lower-speed service tiers. Priced at $199 per month for both SMBs and enterprise customers in select markets, MegaPath's Basic Ethernet package includes a symmetric 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps service offering.

* Telx -

-- Telx announced that it has entered a strategic alliance with Appcore, a leading global provider of enterprise private hosted cloud services. Under the terms of the partnership, Telx is now providing its 1,000+ colocation customers across 17 C3 Cloud Connection Centers direct, dedicated access to Appcore's turnkey private hosted cloud solution via the Telx Cloud Xchange.

-- Telx is planning to bring a large data center online in New York City by the end of 2012.

* tw telecom - Offers Dedicated Connectivity Solutions for Amazon Web Service's Direct Connect Service.

To learn more about any of the services cited above AND take advantage of special limited pricing deals simply request more information here ....

Dedicated Bandwidth And More

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FiberMedia Group has a Banner Year in 2011, 2012 Set For Further Growth

2011 was a banner year for FiberMedia Group. The company grew 43% and was the best year the company has ever had.  With new ownership and a proven management team, the company has launched new products, made vast improvements to its data center facilities – including 2N capabilities – and expanded their footprint throughout the New York metro area.

One of the company’s achievements in 2011 was the launch of its private cloud platform.  The platform leverages a network five data centers located throughout the New York Metro market and a sixth that’s located in Cleveland, OH.  FiberMedia’s flagship facility, located in Secaucus, NJ, boasts tons of power, fiber right of way and is one of the lowest latency connections to the financial exchange located in Secaucus.

One of their keys to success in 2011 is their flexibility showcased through their Flex Power and Flex Cloud service solutions.  The company understands the requirements of its customers and helps them plan around their growth with everything from space, power, and the design of virtual and private environments.  The team of experts provides a consultative approach to helping companies transform their IT and network environments into a more efficient and reliable solution.  This is truly FiberMedia’s value-added differentiator.

The company’s CEO, Michael Bucheit, has observed the market maturing over the past year. Enterprise businesses are experiencing power issues, forcing them to virtualize environments and seek outsourced partners.  This is a different approach to what they have done in the past.  It’s no longer a build it mentality – but a seek the right partner solution.  The maturity of the enterprise markets is indicated by the move from a CAPEX to an OPEX mentality.

What’s next for FiberMedia?  2012 will expand and upgrade their facilities, add more power capabilities and offer greater opportunities for enterprise businesses in the financial, healthcare and media industries to leverage the resources it offers.  2012 is set to be another banner year for FiberMedia as it sets its sight on an international expansion through its cloud platform, which provides flexible, on-demand resources for growing businesses.

There are plenty of opportunities for FiberMedia to provide the right support to businesses that need reliable solutions in the New York metro market.  Their team of industry-proven professionals is only a call away.  To tap into this knowledge-base visit for a consultative experience that will help you transform your business.

This blog post was originally posted on the FiberMedia Group blog.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WiredRE Meets Data Center Design Evolution With Smart Alliances

In a world of $1,000 per square foot real estate, experienced planning and coordination are critical. WiredRE and Deerns America Align to Provide Data Center Design and Project Management Services

The cost structure and intent of data centers is rapidly changing under the pressure of cloud computing and its move toward massive scale and efficiency.  To adapt in a meaningful way, Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”), the nation’s leading data center advisor, announces growing momentum in its partnership with Deerns America, offering data center design and project management services. The Alliance was created to offer world-class support, bringing more innovative opportunities to the data center design process and related project management services.

As an interesting reference, Bernard Golden's blog at pointed out that there is an old school perspective that cost advantage through “utilization” focused on more efficient use of existing design center patterns. Though, new contemporary perspectives look at transforming the cost basis of data centers by creating new design patterns. “It’s critical to integrate the technical aspects of data center development, design and operations with business planning and commercial feasibility. With experience advising half of the top investment banks in the US, our commercial planning and advisory practice looked to further integrate design and operational expertise via a best-in-breed design firm. We wanted a strategic partner that was exclusively engaged on mission critical infrastructure, and Deerns was an obvious fit,” commented Everett Thompson, CEO, WiredRE. “Deerns has an 80+ year track record producing high-efficiency designs for more than 2,300,000 SF of IT space worldwide, with an IT power of more than 670MW.” 

WiredRE’s alliance with Deerns Supports its Holistic Approach to Data Center Real Estate Advisory Solutions

With this highly focused expertise, The Deerns/WiredRE Alliance intends to support large and small-scale developments with integrated solutions for high-density and high-efficiency computing, from feasibility assessment and conceptual design, through commissioning and full-scale operations. Deerns is exclusively focused on critical infrastructure, including Data Centers, Operations Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Clean Rooms, and Level 3 and 4 Bio Hazard Labs, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, reliability, modularity, and scalability. Most recently, Deerns has provided data center design and project management services to Green House Data, and DR Fortress, and design recommendations to Travelport.

Innovative features that will be rapidly deployed include technologies such as Guiding the Cloud© and Green Cooling for Data Centers©.  In fact, expectations are that their 100% free cooling solution will find a strong audience. For more information about Deerns’ solutions for critical infrastructure, visit  To find out how WiredRE’s holistic approach to data center real estate advisory solutions visit 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Problem - Your Droid X Dies .... Now What?

For sake of example let's say your beloved DroidX dies and your Verizon dealer is giving you a run around .... plus confusing the beejeebus out of you on what your options might be.

So just what are your smartphone choices and options?

I would focus on an Android device, the operating system is open, you have several manufacturers supporting the devices and you have various options. Currently Verizon has two types Android handsets; either designed for EVDO Rev. A 3G or for its new 4G LTE network.

As of late, Verizon has had numerous outages on its 4G network as they build out and they have seen 3 outages in month of December alone. They are however promoting most of thier handsets on the new 4G network, which makes it difficult to decide on a device.

The Droid X you had was a 3G EVDO device and for most users this should provide an excellent experience. The 3G service had a usable speed of approximately 600-800K up and 1.5M down on the Rev. A network. The Verizon 3G 1X network would significantly reduce those download and upload speeds.

The concern with the 4G network would be the coverage, as the Verizon 4G network is still in a building phase and additional outages may affect your experience as well as the congestion that some users have experienced with the Verizon LTE network.

Overall, if you decide to stay on a 3G device I would look at the HTC Incredible 2 or the Motorola Droid 3. These are comparable Android devices with large 4.0+ screens, and Global GSM capability. These should work fine for most business users.

Lastly, if you decide to wait for a 4G device you can consider the Motorola Service Repair site you can get the detailed instructions to Factory Reset your DroidX or send it in for service. It may be a small fee to change the screen or may be fixed using the Online Troubleshooter. Verizon support will recommend that you lock into another agreement in exchange for a device.

You could also say forget Verizon and move to a better carrier; like Sprint.

Should you decide to look for another option ... or are generally just looking for smartphone ... I suggest looking over the options available via this resources:

SmartPhone Choices and Options

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Friday, February 17, 2012

XKL to Participate at the Ethernet Technology Summit in San Jose

The XKL team is getting amped up for this year’s 3rd Annual Ethernet Technology Summit in San Jose, CA on February 21-23, 2012.  After winning the Best in Show, Best New Product Launch at ITEXPO, no wonder the overall feeling is excitement. 

Ethernet Technology delegates have something to look forward to as well.  XKL’s Chad Lamb will be speaking at the Terabit Ethernet Workshop, Part 1 - from 9 - noon on Tuesday, February 21. 

Course description:

Even though 40 GbE and 100 GbE are just beginning to appear in data centers, it is surely now time to start thinking about a new generation. Now that 10GbE has become commonplace, aggregation links will have to provide much higher throughput. A new generation will also be necessary for telecom backbones, cloud computing, wireless backhaul, supercomputing, video networks, and many other applications. We will need new standards, new signaling methods, new test equipment, new cabling and connectors, new power reduction approaches, and many other components and system-level elements. Starting now will mean that initial terabit Ethernet implementations could be available in the 2015-2016 period.

Confirmed speakers in this session are:
Chad Lamb, Director of Engineering, XKL, “Preparing for 100G and Beyond”
Dan Dove, Sr Dir Technology, Applied Micro, “Next Generation 100G Optical Networks – Cost, Power, and Density”
John D’Ambrosia, Chief Ethernet Evangelist, Dell, “Standards Beyond 100GbE”
Saman Sadr, Sr Mgr Analog Design, Snowbush IP, “Implementing a 32G SerDes/PHY”

To learn more about the Terabit Ethernet Workshop, Part 1 and other Ethernet Technology Summit programming visit the Tutorial and Session Details section of their web site.

To schedule a meeting and to learn more about XKL’s DWDM Technology at the Ethernet Technology Summit, contact

For a comparison of multiple business etherent providers for any specific location, including free rate quotes, simply request information here .....

Business Ethernet

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Trending Positive...The Dark Fiber Business

Based on the thought process that the explosion of bandwidth demand won't be ramping down any time goes the consumption of dark fiber.  From wireless infrastructure and demand driven by Video over IP, and all of the world's appetite for portable devices, the dark fiber business is trending...positive.

Network operators engaged in expanding their reach, and end-users growing their local area Ethernet for example, are big consumers - especially as the availability and accessibility of the commodity has rapidly decreased the cost of implementing feasible network solutions.

Key industries driving a large part of the consumption include:
  • Carriers
  • Enterprise & Financial
  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Capacity Expansion

While there was a case made for defining the industry as  one of over capacity, it seems this is largely attributed to the availability of technologies implemented back in the 1990's.  By increasing the capacity that could be placed on a single fiber by a factor of as much as 100, the demand for fiber was  immediately reduced.  As a result, the wholesale price of data traffic collapsed. 

More realistically today, the glut of fiber in the US seems to be... greatly exaggerated. Even in 2012, beyond the major metro areas, there exists opportunity to enhance bandwidth. The fiber “drought” impacts regional pockets of wireless, education, government, enterprise and carriers of all sizes. Good news is - with the cost of dark fiber and associated electronics pressured down, projects have become very affordable.  Large and even medium sized organizations can utilize dark fiber with the same benefits and cost savings as the carriers.  In fact, banking, large universities and enterprise business are leading the way, especially as they embrace data center and cloud computing strategies and the networks required. These sectors recognize the value in utilizing dark fiber to leverage gains in the capacity and flexibility of their WANS, and to connect to telecommunications providers of their choice.

Addressing the important domestic need for further/faster broadband access, wireless back-haul, data center distribution and lower latency communication services, a dark fiber connection is the foundation for further strategic fiber builds.  Cross River Fiber, a NJ-based company, designs, constructs, and maintains its own independent fiber-optic network infrastructure throughout the Garden State.  The company provides an alternate solution to Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) for organizations seeking connectivity, and bandwidth without restrictions. For guidance on the most effective and scalable high-speed fiber optic network for your business, consult, or email for immediate inquiries.

For a comparison of multiple providers, no cost design assistance, and including free rate quotes simply request help here.....

Dark Fiber, Business Ethernet, And More

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wireless Spectrum Showdown USA

Who has it?

Verizon and AT&T are the biggest commercial spectrum owners. T-Mobile and Sprint are just behind. There are other companies that own small slices, but these slices seem to be getting sold off to the larger carriers (i.e. Cox to VZ). Like it or not, we are headed towards a spectrum monopoly regardless of the AT&T / T-Mobile fallout.

Who wants it?

All the carriers and probably Google.

Who has some to spare?

Based on the way everyone is hoarding it - nobody except Uncle Sam. With the roll out of 4G, the increasing number of 3G & 4G enabled tablets & PCs, and the growth of the smartphones market share, I'd say that nobody has much to spare.

Who has the Cash? (perhaps the most relevant question..)

Certainly Verizon and AT&T. Google is also pretty flush these days. Sprint & T-Mobile are questionable given the going rate (and Sprint needs it the most).

I could also see someone coming out of the shadows if another auction is held. Perhaps a large investment company like Cerberus Capital would buy and hold spectrum for resale at a later date. Alternately Carlos Slim or another foreign telco may want to get into the US Cellular game...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vineyards Data Center Park, Incentives and Features Your C-Suite Should Know About, Part 1

WiredRE Blog Post: By: Everett Thompson CEO, Wired Real Estate 

With shirt-sleeves rolled-up, and a passion to deliver a highly progressive development, the project at Vineyards Data Center Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado has achieved remarkable strides. Local and Federal zoning and incentives, along with the inherent features and benefits of the region's geography, combine with an insightful green design platform.  Any single piece of this puzzle presents the CFO crowd with a very attractive decision point on the next home for their ever expanding data center requirements, let alone the bundled package presented.

The scope of the nearly $1B development spans 105 acres situated 60 miles south of Denver, and southeast of Interstate 25 and Circle Drive.  Some 800,000 sq ft of data center space will ultimately be available in a region that is already populated with other corporate facilities for Verizon Wireless, HP, FedEx, T. Rowe Price, Progressive, Agilent, Intel  and most recently Walmart.  Vision for the site includes single occupancy, wholly owned or leased buildings, colocation and traditional data center support services.  The concept also includes data center pods sized at about 3000 sqft, as well as large campus spaces.

A Chain of Public – Private Partnering: Key Steps in the Advancement of the Project

Many state governments are now chasing business with aggressive incentives.  The Colorado Springs development especially benefits from a  number of fortunate events that have been put into play.
  • Designated Urban Renewal Site
  • Qualified as an Enterprise Zone
  • Recipient of Federal New Market Tax Credits 
Last year, the Vineyard's land was designated an Urban Renewal site when the Colorado Springs City Council unanimously approved creation of the special taxing district.  This move makes available $55 million in public funds by applying future tax revenues on the property to pay for improvements such as telecommunications infrastructure, utility improvements and roads.

In an effort to attract new business to locate to the region the project site has been qualified as an Enterprise Zone, allowing for investment tax credits on the purchase of capitalized equipment and furnishings.

Additionally, the site is a recipient of federal government based New Market Tax Credits. This program is also another tool aimed at revitalizing impoverished communities.  Tax credit incentives are available to investors amounting to 39% of the investment paid out - over a period of seven years.  All together, the combination of financing and NMTC brings a reduction of the capital cost of constructing a data center at the Vineyards to an estimated 40 to 50% of comparable sites.

In a follow-up blog, we'll discuss additional features of the project design.  While the attractive incentives bundled make a compelling story and competitive business option against any other prospective US sites, an equal wealth of environmental friendly design considerations have gone into the overall planning, from renewable energy to grey water reuse.  A theme of sustainability appears to make a great compliment to the concepts scalability and affordability. 

For more information CLICK HERE to visit the Vinyard Data Center Listing on the WiredRE web site.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Accel Networks Announces 4G

Accel Networks has officially launched their long awaited 4G service. Accel Networks has developed a new proprietary antenna and partner embedded modem technology to accommodate this new service.

Speeds are expected to be around 6 Mbps/2Mbps, latency sub 100 ms, and quality of service to ultimately support business VoIP (in development). All of this at a fraction of the cost of a T1. While 4G is still being widely deployed by the carriers, within the next two years it is expected to have the same footprint of 3G. Wireless is where the carriers' last mile investment is going.

To get more information and a free quote simply submit a request here ....

Accel Networks 4G

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Friday, February 10, 2012

How Much Does Network Performance Vary in North America

The days where business was done by phone and fax are longgone. So are the days when a company housed all its servers and applicationsonsite. Companies now conduct their day to day affairs by email, voice over IPand even video conferencing. Servers and their programs are now frequentlyhoused in offsite collocation facilities. Some business applications only existas services in the cloud. As companies rely more on new technologies, theimportance of broadband network performance is becoming paramount. 

Image Source: SmallBusiness Office Solutions
Considering how vital network performance is, it’s shocking to note that arecent FCCstudy revealed over 80% of broadband customers don’t even know theadvertised speed of their service provider or how much of that performance theyactually receive. The most likely cause of this confusion is that broadbandnetwork service varies greatly nationwide. Regardless of provider, whether youneed to understand your network performance from Allstream, Verizon, AT&T or any other carrier,it is vital to first understand which factors influence the wide discrepanciesin network performance across North America.

Available Carriers

There are many broadband carriers nationwide and performance varies dependingon which carrier your company chooses. Speaking broadly based on statistics,larger carriers typically offer better speeds. This is because larger carrierslike Verizon or Comcast have larger networks with more redundancy and moreaccess to better Internet backbones to their smaller competitors, who aresometimes just resellers. What this means to broadband customers is that accessto more choices leads to a better variety of available speeds. Fewer choices,on the other hand, means businesses in a given area may have to simply acceptthe speeds and technologies available to them.

Technology Differences

Fiber is, without a doubt, the fastest broadband technology currentlyavailable. While the nationwide average broadband download speed is roughly5Mbps, fiber customers will experience 12Mbps or better performance from thisemerging technology. The problem here is that fiber is not available everywhereyet. As a matter of fact, fiber broadband connectivity is available in lessthan 28% of thecountry right now. For business customers, the availability of fiber versusonly having access cable or DSL means a tremendous swing in networkperformance.

Advertised versus Real Speeds

When considering providers and technologies, another factor that it is crucialfor businesses to consider is advertised speed versus real speed. For example,if only cable and DSL are available in an area, the DSL provider may advertisedownload speeds comparable to cable. The same may be true of cable providers inareas where fiber is available. While conventional wisdom says cable is fasterthan DSL and Fiber is faster than cable, businesses need to understand actualperformance compared to advertising to fully comprehend nationwide variances inspeed.
 Another FCCreport stated that DSL services typically deliver 82% of download speedscompared to 93% for cable-based services and 114% for fiber. Along withtechnology differences and carrier availability, businesses must thoroughlyevaluate provider claims and compare them to studies, reports and peer comments to truly understand speed differences and evaluate broadband providers.

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Protect Your Business from the Unexpected

Guest blog post from FiberMedia Group:

Business continuity - We know, it’s critical that your business is available to all of your customers, suppliers, regulators and all the other entities that count on you to stay open.  The success of your corporate business continuity program rests, in a large part, on the capabilities brought to bear to help successfully execute that program.

For your convenience, FiberMedia maintains basic IT infrastructure at every one of our secure facilities, including storage and backup systems for data migration, as well as typical Windows, Linux & Unix hardware for server migration requirements.  Coupled with our managed services suite, availability of bubble equipment allows our clients flexibility while migrating from an existing environment without impacting business and mitigating migration risks.  See our list of extensive resources we provide for you here.

Worried about Disaster Recovery? Don’t panic, we’ve got you and your data covered.  Of course, we hope you never need to test our broad skill set in dealing with unfortunate disaster recovery situations, but we know, that sometimes naturel and even man made events occur.  Fortunately, we’ve made preparations for just about anything that could arise for your business.  FiberMedia can cover your your  continuity and disaster recovery needs. FiberMedia offers the ability to deliver any, or all, of the four key elements (Power, Technology, Space, Connectivity) of business continuity services to get your business up and running through our flexible workgroup recovery options through any disaster.

Our six strategically selected facilities are your back up solution.  With us, your data is secure, you have hands on support 24/7, an on-demand infrastructure to handle back up and recovery needs and business continuity planning.  We’re here, we’ve got your backup.  For more info about how we’re ready to support your business’ data needs, contact us today at or call us at 855-808-3300.

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Telecom Case Studies - Hosted PBX and Meshed MPLS/VoMPLS

In the month of December we hosted two fantastic case studies on our Tuesday calls, highlighting the capabilities of Smoothstone in a Hosted PBX environment both domestically and internationally and the meshed MPLS/VoMPLS capabilities of AireSpring.

If you missed these calls, or would like to review them, please feel free to review them below:

SmoothStone International Hosted PBX Case Study

AireSpring Meshed MPLS/VoMPLS Case Study

For assistance with how hosted PBX can help your business, including free rate quotes, check here.....

Hosted PBX

For assistance with how MPLS/VoMPLS capabilities can help your business, including free rate quotes, check here ....

MPLS Networks

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Who Is Cbeyond

Cbeyond is a leading broadband, mobile voice and data, IT, and business phone service provider built exclusively to serve the communication needs of small businesses. They provide an integrated bundle of business-grade services that include broadband, PRI, hosted PBX, SIP trunks, web hosting, cloud servers, email, data backup and security, voicemail, and more.

What You Should Know About Cbeyond

Cbeyond is the leader in the emerging VoIP, dedicated Internet and cloud-based services market. Cbeyond uses a private IP network and softswitch technology to deliver high-quality, affordable communications services.

* Unlike many VoIP companies, Cbeyond’s voice calls travel over a dedicated IP connection to ensure Quality of Service and achieve 99.999% availability
* Cbeyond’s dedicated broadband connection provides the same upload and download speeds
* Cbeyond Cloud Services offer scalable applications that control costs, increase reliability and allow remote access

Cbeyond Products:

* High Speed Internet * International VoIP * Local Phone Service * LD Phone Service * Toll-free Service * SIP Trunking * PRI * Virtual Cloud Servers
* Dedicated Cloud Servers * Cloud PBX * Audio & Web Conferencing * Fax to Email
* Hosted Microsoft Exchange * Voicemail * Virtual Receptionist * Secure Backup
* Secure Desktop * Managed Firewall * VPN * Network Configuration * Mobile Phones & Devices * Mobile Workforce Manager * Web Hosting

Cbeyond Service Areas:

* Atlanta * Boston * Chicago * Dallas-Fort Worth * Denver * Detroit * San Francisco Bay Area * Houston * Los Angeles * Miami * Minneapolis/St. Paul * San Diego * Seattle * Washington D.C.

To take advantage of any of the Cbeyond services listed above ... simply request a free quote here:

Business VoIP Solution and Cloud Based Services

Cbeyond Videos

Cbeyond Network Map

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Cloud Computing Services Within the FX Trading Environment: Are Early Adopter Tags Running Out?

Guest blog post by Jhoan Checho, Sales Director, Financial Services Practice, FiberMedia Group 

It seems the “early adopter” tags are going fast when it comes to implementing cloud based services in many arenas. Meanwhile, everyone else maintaining a sideline stance needs to understand and appreciate the competitive advantage that goes with the strategic decision. Reality is - cloud services have been in play for some years now, and in some arenas, early adopters have charged forward with a wealth of business advantage. Howard Tolman, Managing Director at Cloud Trading Technologies Ltd. offered some thoughts in an article that appeared in eForex, January 2012, Mythbusters.  

Common concerns include reliability, scalability and security
Mr. Tolman addressed some relevant concerns in his comments from the perspective of the FX trading environment. Leading the thought process are concerns for high availability and reliability, especially in mission critical trading systems. Technical reliability in the form of cloud computing mechanisms are largely regarded as more reliable than internal systems. There is redundancy built-in as well as the benefit of highly maintained hardware and software applications, which drive the holy grail of uptime. The efficiencies open to institutions large or small is exactly what makes the agile premise so appealing. Cloud techniques benefit organizations of all sizes, and allow IT resources to focus on IT processing issues instead of server updates and the like. Scalability, to “massive” demand, is achieved through agile provisioning of virtual servers and storage. This methodology utilizes infrastructure resources based on real-time demand. Especially in the financial trading side where volumes are highly volatile, demand needs change rapidly. This makes the appeal of provisioning cloud services as demanded more efficient than owning, configuring and maintaining. Consider the value of paying only for what you use, as you use it... Cloud security stirs ongoing discussion, though stringent standards have evolved to support an extremely strong level of protection. As Mr. Tolman pointed out, The United States Air Force has placed confidence in current capabilities, which should suffice for most organizations.

The loyalty of a trusted business partner, combined with the cost-savings of an outside vendor
Gartner analysts identified IT costs amassed in financial institutions run approximately 250% higher than non-banking institutions. With a gap that significant ...there exists opportunity. Of course, cost-savings is a primary driver of cloud based implementations. No longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, your IT Team’s time is free to concentrate on your business’ continued innovation and growth. Perhaps one of the more interesting points made by Tolman comes in the fact that nearly one third of a financial institution's staff is typically involved in IT. Imagine the benefit of having a larger percentage of an institution's associates focused on core revenue producing activities... Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions enable cost-effective cloud networking solutions that provide virtualized bandwidth, colocation, storage and back-up facilities, on-demand. Further, financial services institutions would do well to ensure that their partners in cloud computing can support their unique needs, delivering an efficient, flexible, cost-effective model. Options of dedicated/private or public hybrid clouds, aligned with access to market data providers, electronic news feeds and low latency performance are all features that can readily be configured and deployed in the name of significant competitive advantage.

FiberMedia knows that reliability, scalability, and security are the key foundations to delivering fully customizable, cloud based computing and on-demand storage solution options. The company also recognizes that budgets to manage all aspects of a business are being constrained. For 36-months, FiberMedia offers a guaranteed rate-lock for its services. This provides revenue assurance for companies as they are challenged with managing budgets to ensure business growth. With static costs in-tow, access to a competitive service provider landscape and proximity to the trading engines that propel your business, FiberMedia’s cloud computing service solutions can be the anchor you need to keep your business on the competitive edge.

Find out more by contacting today.

This article originally posted at the Telecom Newsroom.

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Who Is Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks was founded by Telecommunication and Technology experts to provide a single source for the delivery of Business Class Broadband Satellite, 3G/4G , WiMAX and Optical Wireless Broadband services. In addition to offering superior wireless services Broad Sky also provides other ancillary services to fulfill service portfolio requirements to allow customers to stay focused on their business.

What You Should Know About Broad Sky Networks


Broad Sky Networks now offers Spectrum WiMAX, a fixed wireless solution in 60+ markets. Their Spectrum WiMAX bypasses the local telco, so installation can happen in days, it is easy to deploy and scale and offers bandwidth from 2Mbs to 1000Mbs for a fraction of the price. Our WiMAX guarantees 100% uptime, managed services as well as Point to Point offerings.

* Major Metropolitan Areas
* Primary or Redundancy
* Provides SLAs
* Large Bandwidth, 2Mb – GigE speeds
* Great for fluctuating bandwidth needs
* Point to Point services


Broad Sky now offers their Spectrum 3G Fixed Wireless service, covering 90% of the United States population. Broad Sky's 4G covers 38 markets coast to coast. Spectrum 3G/4G service is a great alternative to DSL, they use all 3 major carriers, offer innovative equipment bundles and flexible pricing options. Broad Sky also offer a fully managed 3G service perfect for retailers, banking, M2M, etc. with Mobility options as well.

* Primary, Redundancy, Mobile or Temporary
* Average 3G speeds of 1.5K x 384K
* Average 4G speeds of 5M-12M down 2M-5M up
* Flexible Equipment Plans and Service Plans
* Layer 3 or Layer 2 options
* Plans range from 50Mb to 10Gb, pooling plans also available
* Self Installs, ships in days


Broad Sky offers a large range of satellite broadband solutions accommodating tele-workers to large private networks. Broad Sky is unique, they offer broadband internet from six different satellite providers all backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements. Broad Sky's satellite supports internet access, IPSec VPN traffic, POS, VoIP and Video applications. They are experts at securely linking locations anywhere in North America, South America, Alaska and the Caribbean.
Primary or Redundancy

* Speeds from 500K x 128K up to 8M x 2M
* Private Network available for primary or redundancy
* Coverage as long as clear line of site to Southern horizon
* Disaster recovery plans available

Optical Wireless

Broad Sky now offers an Optical Wireless Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point solution, iBeam providing a high bandwidth solution at a fraction of the cost of Fiber or Microwave. This solution installs quickly with no trenching or construction and provides 100M to 1Gb connectivity. This is idea for campus environments, healthcare and municipalities.

* Connectivity from 100M to 1Gb soon to go to 2.5Gb
* 1/10th the cost of Fiber
* Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Mesh configurations
* Installs quickly

To take advantage of what Broad Sky Networks can offer your business simnply request a free quote here ....

Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks Network Map

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