Monday, January 16, 2012

Voice Services .... Free Quotes And Assistance

FreedomFire Communications offers many voice services .... and with the convergence of voice and internet commonly called VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, you may often see services combine attributes of both Voice and Internet.

Some of the services FreedomFire Communications offers are Long Distance, Local Dial Tone, PRI, long distance T-1, dynamic T-1, Centrex, Voice Trunks, Trunk Groups, Telebranch, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, IVR or Interactive Voice Response, Audio Conferencing, Toll Free, Advanced Toll Free Features (like Time of Day Routing, Area Code Routing, Percentage Allocation, Day of Week Routing, Day of Year Routing, Routing by Holiday, Multiple Destinations by Area, Origination Control, Disaster Routing), Calling Card, T-1, VOIP, Video Conferencing (Voice and Video), and many others not listed.

FreedomFire Communications is a big proponent of disaster recovery and business continuance planning .... this planning should include all voice services as well as Data and Internet. Therefore FreedomFire Communications offers every carrier’s disaster recovery plans for all of the voice services. We can help any company engineer a completely redundant fail safe voice network.

Even though Data and Internet are very important .... you can not overlook voice in today’s business. Most businesses report that any lost phone calls to their business results directly in lost business equating to thousands of dollars. Because of this FreedomFire Communications takes voice services very seriously and will help architect, design, and engineer the most reliable voice network possible.

For help with your voice network design, pricing on your voice network, or questions about any voice service offering .... simply request a free quote and assistance here:

Voice Services And Business VoIP Solutions

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