Monday, January 02, 2012

Telarus - Your Choice for ACC Business

ACC Business is one of Telarus' first vendors. For the past six years, Telarus has earned ACC Business' highest award: The Platinum Cup. Telarus has a unique contract with ACC Business, enabling you to get the best rates on everything ACC Business offers .... wherever they offer it.

Until recently, ACC Business' rock bottom pricing has only been available in AT&T regions, but now thanks to a new promo, non AT&T regions can now enjoy the same benefit.

ACC Business offers the following services ....

Data T1, Integrated (SIP Handoff), Point to Point, Frac/Full OC3/12/48, Integrated (PRI Handoff), MPLS, Ethernet over Copper, Integrated (Analog Handoff), Ethernet WAN, Metro Fiber Ethernet, Local Voice, VPLS, Gigabit Ethernet, Dedicated LD (In/Out), Data DS3

For more information on any of the services offered by ACC Business, and to request a free quote, simply go to ....

Free ACC Business Quote

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