Monday, November 28, 2011

Cloud Computing Is Our Future

The cloud computing market is expected to generate between $100 billion and $150 billion in annual revenue by 2015. As of today, the global data network switching and routing market is around $40 billion.

A solid majority of technology experts and stakeholders expect that by 2020 most people will access software applications online and share and access information through the use of remote server networks, rather than depending primarily on tools and information housed on their individual, personal computers. They say that cloud computing will become more dominant than the desktop in the next decade. In other words, most users will perform most computing and communicating activities through connections to servers operated by outside firms.

To learn more about the value of Cloud Computing from an IT professional standpoint, read this article from InfoWorld ....

What Cloud Computing Really Means

To learn more about the future of Cloud Computing read this article from Pew research ....

The Future Of Cloud Computing

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who Is USA Digital Communications?

USA Digital Communications serves the needs of large volume, inbound and outbound telecommunication clients. USAD and its affiliated companies provide competitive global wholesale long distance for both TDM, VoIP, high speed internet, data transport services and enhanced services that help clients remain competitive and grow their businesses.

What You Should Know About USA Digital Communications

USA Digital specializes in low Long Distant rates for clients especially with TDM and VoIP products. USAD offers a TDM product with eight tier one providers and a Voice over IP product that goes over their switch located in Las Vegas. This strategic switch placement allows for companies to enjoy the lowest tax rate possible for telecom. The VoIP product is a month to month term in order to remain flexible to companies who are new to this next generation of technology.

Using network and telecom services from USA Digital Communications lets business customers enjoy all the technological advantages provided by telecom industry leaders and all the benefits of responsive service from a nimble, customer-focused organization. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s at the lowest monthly cost available. Unlike many VoIP providers, USA Digital does not apply a per session charge.

USA Digital offers 6/6 billing, no surcharge, low cost - 100% termination routing, and ancillary services along with relevant and timely data approach are the hallmarks of the USA Digital business model.

USA Digital Communications' Products:

* Data T1
* Bonded T1
* Frac/Full DS3
* Frac/Full OC3/12/48
* Dedicated LD (In/Out)
* Dedicated Voice
* SIP (Local/LD Trunks)
* Voice over MPLS
* Point to Point
* Colocation

If you are interested in more information on any of the services from USA Digital listed above, simply request a free quote here:

Business VoIP Solution

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Is Century Link?

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States. The company provides broadband, voice and wireless services to businesses across the country. In addition, the company provides data, voice and managed services to business, government and wholesale customers in local, national and select international markets through its high-quality advanced fiber optic network and multiple data centers.

What You Should Know About CenturyLink

CenturyLink has recently acquired Embarq, Savis, and Qwest. Thanks to these recent mergers, CenturyLink is now the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States.

CenturyLink owns and operates more than 173,000 network miles and 17 data centers.

CenturyLink Business Products:

* Data T1
* Bonded T1
* Frac/Full DS3
* Frac/Full OC3/12/48
* Ethernet over Copper
* Ethernet over DS1/DS3
* Metro Fiber Ethernet
* Gigabit Ethernet
* Integrated (SIP Handoff)
* Integrated (PRI Handoff)
* Integrated (Analog Handoff)
* POTS Lines
* Colocation
* Local Voice
* Dedicated LD (In/Out)
* SIP (Local/LD Trunks)
* Point to Point
* Ethernet WAN

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services from Century Link listed above, simply request a free quote here:

DS3 bandwidth, Business Ethernet, And Much More

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Telecom Industry News

Here's the news for November from the Telecommunications industry. Get the latest from vendors such as AboveNet, EarthLink, Integra Telecom, TelePacific, Telnes, RealLinx, and Windstream.

AboveNet - AboveNet is looking to make acquisitions to grow its business, a reversal from its previous stance to grow organically, Chief Executive William LaPerch said in an interview with Reuters.

EarthLink ....

* EarthLink has signed an agreement to purchase the IT Solution Center and hosted application business from Synergy Global Solutions, a provider of hosted IT products, services and solutions based in Western, NY. This acquisition will provide EarthLink with scalable 24x7x365 IT service support capabilities to allow customers to outsource critical IT services in a cost efficient manner.

* EarthLink, Inc. ELNK +1.66% a leading IP infrastructure and services company, announced plans to expand and enhance its state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Additional network routes and equipment will be added to EarthLink's network to provide incremental growth capacity and scalability, support new nationwide leading edge product offerings, and ensure that EarthLink's strong, diverse network remains a significant differentiator.

Integra Telecom - didn't have to look far to find a new executive chairman. Kevin O�Hara replaces CEO Tom Casey, who has resigned to take the reins at Tronox Inc. - a producer and marketer of titanium dioxide pigment where he was previously the chairman of the board.

TelePacific ....

* TelePacific has recently completed the acquisition of Tel West Network Services Corporation. The Austin, Texas-based company brings more than 3600 business accounts and a fiber optic network linking the top five metropolitan areas in Texas, as well as a portfolio of business communications services, to the growing TelePacific family.

* TelePacific has slashed their Fixed Wireless turn-up times. The standard provisioning interval for Ethernet over Fixed Wireless (EoFW) broadband Internet access has been reduced from 30 days to just 8 days!

Telnes - Telnes Broadband has announced a revolutionary technology, Telnes Intelligent Bandwidth, that is designed to enable Class of Service (COS) for SIP, VoIP, and other cloud based critical applications over the public Internet. This new innovation will enable VoIP, SIP and Cloud providers that require customers to bring their own bandwidth, to finally achieve CoS over a public Internet connection. Telnes Intelligent Bandwidth is a single circuit that allows prioritization of critical traffic over all other traffic at the carrier network level. This allows Telnes customers to dynamically shape their traffic--ensuring performance for mission critical applications.

RealLinx - Managed IP services provider RealLinx has launched VideoLinx, a hosted, multi-party video conferencing service.

Windstream - announced the launch of its second-generation cloud platform. Designed to meet the strong, continually growing demand for cloud computing services, the platform incorporates significant technology enhancements to Windstream Hosted Solutions' existing cloud services offering, including solutions from industry leaders such as VMware, NetApp, EMC and more to provide a comprehensive solution that can serve businesses' production and disaster recovery requirements.

To learn more and take advantage of any of the services mentioned above, simply request a free quote here ....

DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, Cloud Computing, and More

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Monday, November 14, 2011

ACC Business Opens Up EaMIS Market To All 48 Mainland States

Effective October 7, 2011 the EaMIS II Promotion being offered by bread-and-butter carrier, ACC Business, is now available for Out-of-Region opportunities. Previously EaMIS I, utilizing a 65% MIS port discount, was allowed for Out-of-Region EaMIS. Now EaMIS II, which provides an 88% MIS Port discount, can be utilized with pricing as low as $221 for Unmanaged Service and $326 for Managed Service.

As an example...10mg Ethernet used to be $1879 with router...NOW ITS $1244!

You can learn more as well as request a free quote here .....

DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, And Much More

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Texas Opens Government Opportunities to TWCBC

Texas state agencies, local governments, and other organizations who qualify are now able to utilize Time Warner Cable's Texas DIR contracts for Tex-AN and cable modem services. In most instances, the Texas DIR bypasses the RFP and bidding process thus allowing the state agencies to quickly make decisions (relatively speaking).

Services Available:

* MetroE point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and VPLS/ any-to-any services
* Dedicated Internet Access: 5 Mb to 10 Gb

Services Not Available (yet):

* Voice services (business class phones)
* PRI voice trunks

To take advantage of this opportunity simply request a free quote here:

Dedicated Voice and Data Networks

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Telnes Develops New QoS Technology

Telnes has developed a new technology to enable QoS over public Internet circuits, enabling prioritization of SIP, VoIP, SaaS, Etc. type products to function properly when using a public Internet.

Without using Telnes, mission critical applications can achieve QOS on their local LAN but once it reaches the public Internet, these tags are lost and so is the QoS. By utilizing Telnes' latest technology, QoS tags can follow data packets to their final destination, and ensuring each packet arrives on-time and in the right order.

To learn more about this technology and how it can help you grow your business, please request more information here ...

DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, and More

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

FCC Makes Neutrality Rules Official .... Cue The Lawsuits, Renewed Hysteria

The push for any meaningful network neutrality consumer protections is essentially dead, with the remaining partisan bickering over killing off already fairly-hollow and loophole-filled FCC rules being little more than twitching and showmanship for constituents. The neutrality rules the FCC has been cooking up have countless, intentional glaring holes including a failure to cover wireless networks, and were effectively crafted with little serious consumer input.

Read more from Karl Bode here ....

FCC Makes Neutrality Rules Official

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sidera Networks - In their Own Voice

I recently met with Sidera Networks' Maura Mahoney at COMPTEL Plus in Orlando.  They had a great presence at the event with a booth and prime sponsorship of the conference bags (which I personally love!)  Here’s a recap of my interview with Maura, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Sidera Networks.

Ilissa Miller - Managing Partner for Jaymie Scotto & Associates: (IM)  I remember hearing a lot about Sidera Networks last year at Comptel – that was exciting. 

Maura Mahoney, Sidera Networks
Maura Mahoney, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Sidera Networks (MM): It was  Last year we launched the re-branding of Sidera. Prior to that we were RCN Metro Optical Networks, which was a combination of three companies: ConEd Communications, Neon Communications, and RCN the cable company. Last year ABRY Partners, a private equity firm in Boston, purchased RCN in its entirety, separated the cable side from RCN Metro, and we re-launched as Sidera Networks.

IM:  So today, who is Sidera?

MM: Today, Sidera has about 2,800 locations on net and we continue to expand our capabilities.  For instance, in December of last year we announced two acquisitions, CrossConnect Solutions a colocation provider in 401 North Broad and Long Island Fiber Exchange - LIFE, a fiber provider on Long Island. In 2011 we’ve continued to expand our capabilities, including an announcement with Spread Networks, which allows us to have a long-haul, low-latency network that is attractive for our customers. In addition , we have a relationship with Allied Fiber, which allows us to very cost-effectively and quickly add key data centers to our network. We have a relationship with Exponential E that allowed us to expand internationally into London to be able to deliver traffic that’s originating in the United States on the Exponential E network in London.

IM:  What makes Sidera so unique?

MM: Being a product of multiple acquisitions, as well as organic growth certainly makes us unique.  Also, what helps is  how we integrate those acquisitions by not losing what they’re good at and special at, and continue to serve their customers and enable our customers to be able to benefit from those acquisitions and those assets.

IM:  Sidera is a great name, but what does it mean?

MM: The name Sidera is Latin for constellation of stars, which we believe represents our customers, our employees, and the markets that we serve. We stay true to who we are as a company and our acquisitions have a similar philosophy of high quality service and support, which is a testament of an award that we won today from Atlantic-ACM.  We won three best in class awards for service, for service representatives, for value, and our billing system.

IM:   With 2011 being such an exciting year, what’s the plan for 2012?

MM: I’m very proud of the team for their hard work. It's just the beginning so we continue to expand our network capabilities, the services that we offer, the vertical markets that we go after, and also look for those creative partnerships that we had success with in 2011, so that 1 + 1 is more than 2.

IM:  Thank you for your time.  I really enjoyed learning more about Sidera.

MM: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

For more information about Sidera Networks, visit

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