Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advice For Managing Remote And Offsite Employees

For remote workers (control, communications, reporting), you would probably need ....

1. Data connectivity for applications:

- Go for remote login for your corporate network and applications

- Make some relevent part of your application web enabled

- Get them GPRS/DCMA1X/3G wireless data plan

2. Voice Connectivity:

- CUG for corporate mobile connections

- In corporate voice plan and pbx, look for features like remote extensions, mobile extensions and find/follow me

- VoIP support is helpful

3. UC features like unified directory, messenger, net meeting will be helful

4. Applications:

- Subscribe/ put remote users on applications like Webex or for conducting meetings; otherwise make use of tele audioconferencing/video conferencing

- Give them balckberry/nokia/samsung smartphones with constant email connectivity

- choose clients apps. which can sync. with central apps/database at the end of the day incase remote employee do not have regular internet connectivity

5. Banking:

- choose bank with max. no. of ATM

- Get them to subscribe to mobile banking and ticketing

You'll find options for some of the technology based solutions here ...

Technology For Offsite Employees

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