Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sidera Networks - In their Own Voice

I recently met with Sidera Networks' Maura Mahoney at COMPTEL Plus in Orlando.  They had a great presence at the event with a booth and prime sponsorship of the conference bags (which I personally love!)  Here’s a recap of my interview with Maura, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Sidera Networks.

Ilissa Miller - Managing Partner for Jaymie Scotto & Associates: (IM)  I remember hearing a lot about Sidera Networks last year at Comptel – that was exciting. 

Maura Mahoney, Sidera Networks
Maura Mahoney, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Sidera Networks (MM): It was  Last year we launched the re-branding of Sidera. Prior to that we were RCN Metro Optical Networks, which was a combination of three companies: ConEd Communications, Neon Communications, and RCN the cable company. Last year ABRY Partners, a private equity firm in Boston, purchased RCN in its entirety, separated the cable side from RCN Metro, and we re-launched as Sidera Networks.

IM:  So today, who is Sidera?

MM: Today, Sidera has about 2,800 locations on net and we continue to expand our capabilities.  For instance, in December of last year we announced two acquisitions, CrossConnect Solutions a colocation provider in 401 North Broad and Long Island Fiber Exchange - LIFE, a fiber provider on Long Island. In 2011 we’ve continued to expand our capabilities, including an announcement with Spread Networks, which allows us to have a long-haul, low-latency network that is attractive for our customers. In addition , we have a relationship with Allied Fiber, which allows us to very cost-effectively and quickly add key data centers to our network. We have a relationship with Exponential E that allowed us to expand internationally into London to be able to deliver traffic that’s originating in the United States on the Exponential E network in London.

IM:  What makes Sidera so unique?

MM: Being a product of multiple acquisitions, as well as organic growth certainly makes us unique.  Also, what helps is  how we integrate those acquisitions by not losing what they’re good at and special at, and continue to serve their customers and enable our customers to be able to benefit from those acquisitions and those assets.

IM:  Sidera is a great name, but what does it mean?

MM: The name Sidera is Latin for constellation of stars, which we believe represents our customers, our employees, and the markets that we serve. We stay true to who we are as a company and our acquisitions have a similar philosophy of high quality service and support, which is a testament of an award that we won today from Atlantic-ACM.  We won three best in class awards for service, for service representatives, for value, and our billing system.

IM:   With 2011 being such an exciting year, what’s the plan for 2012?

MM: I’m very proud of the team for their hard work. It's just the beginning so we continue to expand our network capabilities, the services that we offer, the vertical markets that we go after, and also look for those creative partnerships that we had success with in 2011, so that 1 + 1 is more than 2.

IM:  Thank you for your time.  I really enjoyed learning more about Sidera.

MM: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

For more information about Sidera Networks, visit www.sidera.net.

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