Thursday, October 06, 2011

Comcast Metro Ethernet - Now Available!

Comcast is the owner of the country's largest Fiber network and has a large number of lit buildings, including most data centers.

Here are four products available to you (10MB to 10GB):

* Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI)

* Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

* Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

* Ethernet Data Network / Meshed Network (EDN)

All products are regular, business-grade, symmetric, fiber products built specifically for Enterprise. None of their enterprise traffic touches any piece of their residential network - the two are completely and totally separate. In fact, the Enterprise network is less than 2 years old and has the BEST, NEWEST networking equipment on the market. Their prices are unbelievably inexpensive - in the few quotes we've already run we've seen 1GB pipes go for $5000. Talk about "disruptive"!

To request a fiber quote, simply do so from this website:

Business Ethernet

Comcast can also deliver PRI service over Fiber (customers receive a $100 MRC discount for every PRI over Fiber). Comcast pulls more Fiber than any other carrier in the country, creating new opportunities for your business to save every day.

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