Thursday, October 20, 2011

Broadband Fiber vs Coax

Is "slow" fiber better than "fast" cable?

The cost of 5x5 Mbps fiber Internet is higher because of a few reasons:

[1] it's "dedicated" just for your use (not split off and shared with others nearby)

[2] it's symmetrical (which usually also connotates FULL duplex, instead of half duplex, ie: download and upload can occur simultaneously)

[3] bandwidth is truly UNLIMITED, no hidden caps

[4] includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees uptime/performance/throughput.

Generally speaking, symmetrical type bandwidth is considered "commercial grade" and tends to be used by the SMB/Enterprise market VS. consumer/residential end users. All because of the reasons I listed above, plus it lends itself to work better in a LAN environment- as the circuit is robust, efficient, and quite reliable, etc. You really get what you pay for. Finally, if you have applications that require real time traffic, such as: VoIP, SIP, and video conferencing + Citrix, VPN, heavy file transfer- commercial bandwidth (T1, DS3, Metro Fiber Ethernet) is essential.

Anyone else care to comment on the relative advantages of fiber vs coax?

In other words why would the much higher cost of fiber be worth it?

Weigh in with your thoughts .....

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