Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Is NetWolves?

NetWolves Corporation is a global telecommunications and Internet managed services providers offering single-source network solutions that provides multi-carrier and multi-vendor implementation to over 1,000 customers worldwide. The Company's principal activity is to design, manage and deliver products and services allowing people and networks to access the Internet and telecommunications networks, efficiently and cost effectively.

What You Should Know About NetWolves

NetWolves is an FCC-licensed and tariffed carrier in all 50 states, offering multiple services on a single invoice. NetWolves has strategic agreements with over 160+ underlying telecommunications providers, including Sprint, Level 3, AGSI, Verizon, Qwest, Covad, Road Runner, Cox, Charter, and Spacenet.

NetWolves provides network security solutions coupled with network management and communication services worldwide. NetWolves operates in three segments: Voice Services, Managed Services Charges, and Equipment and Consulting.

The Voice Services segment provides voice services, including voice over Internet protocol, switched and dedicated inbound/outbound long distance, travel cards, and conference calling data services; and data services comprising IP dedicated and dial-up services, broadband services, frame relay, and private line.

The Managed Services Charges segment provides network and security technology and various recurring managed data services. This segment provides system solutions to organizations needing network security features, such as firewall, virtual private networking, routing, intrusion detection, content filtering, and email.

The Equipment and Consulting segment engages in the design, development, marketing, and support of information delivery hardware products and software, as well as in the provision of consulting services.

To take advantage of what Netwolves has to offer .... simply request more information and a free quote here:

Network Security and Managed Services

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