Thursday, September 15, 2011

Telarus Releases Real-Time Ethernet over Fiber Quotes

SANDY, UT - August 25, 2011 Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and patent holder of real-time carrier quotes, today announced the addition of Ethernet (Fiber) to their real-time carrier pricing research tool: GeoQuote. The technology paves the way for independent agents partnered with Telarus to check for Ethernet broadband availability and budgetary pricing in seconds; a process that currently takes days and weeks.

"We are very enthusiastic about our new-found ability to quote budgetary pricing for 10M to 1GB fiber opportunities in real-time," said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. "As we continue to partner with agents who focus on larger opportunities, Ethernet is becoming one of our core product sets. Agents are selling it in droves and, more often than not, the carrier with fiber in a customer's building wins the deal. It only made sense to focus our R&D dollars to develop technology that could give agents access to this information in a quick and efficient way. With better access to budgetary pricing and carrier availability, agents feel like they get better service from Telarus and we cut down on the unqualified quote volume for our carrier partners. Everybody wins."

Using "lit building" lists, or addresses of buildings that carriers have a physical fiber presence, in addition to above-ground and subterranean fiber maps, GeoQuote is able to determine the likelihood of a carrier being able to service a customer and at what price range. The carriers who have volunteered their information to be a part of this quoting system include industry leaders such as: AboveNet, AboveNet, AT&T, ACC Business, Broadview Networks, Integra, Level 3, PAETEC, Qwest Business, Time Warner Cable Business Class, and XO. Telarus expects to have more carriers quoting by the end of the year.

"The million dollar question agents ask is 'is it accurate?'" added Andrew Morgan, VP of Web Development for Telarus. "To that we give an enthusiastic 'yes'! GeoQuote knows where all of the lit buildings are, it knows where fiber runs, and it knows the typical (budgetary) pricing carriers offer on 10M, 20M, 50M, 100M, 250M, 500M, and 1G circuits. The only unknown is the build-out fee, but that cuts down on 90% of a carrier's workload while giving agents valuable information in seconds. The ability for agents to get ballpark pricing quickly for their clients is critical to their business."

In addition to budgetary pricing, GeoQuote also delivers a visual representation of the carrier Fiber environment via Google maps. This technology allows for high-level research in the event the customer isn't within the pre-subscribed distance (in feet) from any lit buildings.

"This new software is a real game-changer," added Lance Akins, VP of Sales for Telarus, Inc. "Never before has it been so easy to sell high-end Ethernet broadband pipes than now, through Telarus. Since most of our carriers price the IP portion of the circuit based on simple rate sheets, we decided to speed things up a bit and give our enterprise agents a real leg up."

GeoQuote and its associated technologies are protected by US Patents 7,916,844 and 7,496,184.

For more information about the GeoQuote Ethernet pricing tool, and to take advantage of what this capability can do to find you an etherent over fiber solution, simply request a free quote here:

Business Ethernet

About Telarus

Telarus, Inc. is a leading master agent who works with 30 carrier service providers and 250 independent telecom sales agencies nationwide. Established in 2002, Telarus leverages GeoQuote, a patented real-time quote engine, to provide near instant pricing for transactional services. Large deal support is offered by Telarus' award-winning team of veteran carrier experts that help agents improve their sales of complex solutions. Telarus was named the top master agent by the members of the Telecom Association in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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