Monday, August 08, 2011

Is PBX The Future Of Small Business {SMB} Communication?

No, but I'm not saying it isn't the future either. It's part of the future, but not by itself.

If you believe the current marketing hype, you will no doubt be convinced that the future is "in the cloud." By this logic one would be led to believe that the PBX will die out in favor of the hosted solution. But, hosted solutions are no more than modern day Centrex equivalents with more functionality. We have seen it come to pass where the telcos ruled with Centrex, then PBX came into the scene and we could break away from the cost and monopoly of the Bell companies. The same goes for mainframe vs PC based computing. Now we're putting the mainframe in the cloud.

Each business is unique. If we treat them all like they are the same then we really aren't doing the best thing for our clients. By shoehorning them into the PBX or a hosted solution without looking at their actual needs we are doing them a disservice. In certain situations, the small business PBX will be the right solution, in other situations, a hosted solution may be a better option. With that, I see the small business PBX as part of the future where the choice depends on what the best fit is for the client.

Small Business PBXs are becoming much more highly advanced and often times can deliver enterprise class functionality on a smaller scale, especially in the more software oriented deployments happening today. Contrary to the marketing hype, the PBX may actually be cheaper than a hosted solution as well so that pricing consideration will also come in to play for the end user.

To see what kind of options may be available to you as a small business I suggest using the search and compare tool available here: Business Communications

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