Thursday, August 04, 2011

Getting A Blackberry For Your Small Business .... Opposing View

First Blackberry is not out yet so don't believe all the tech blog hype. It's not as popular in consumer circles as the iPhone and Android phones and tech blogs lump all those together. Don't get me wrong, I love Android, but there are advantages to Blackberry brand: rugged phones, encrypted, compressed data so you use less bandwidth, typically cheaper, usually available as pay-as-you-go plans if you wish, and of course the keyboard is tops (I've used the slider type Android phones, they aren't nearly as good a layout as the Blackberry keyboard).

That said:

1) The ability to sync calendar and contacts depends on your email provider. I'm not familiar with them all, but I do know that GMail does this and works through Blackberries BIS service (free with your Blackberry) that is part of your phone's plan. It's pretty straight forward, any changes made on the phone/web/or stand alone email program that syncs contacts and calendars will show up on the other devices.

2) Your standalone email program has nothing to do with a smartphone. Both the phone and the stand alone program talk to the mail server at the same time. Again, your email provider and settings will determine if it's instantaneous or not (GMail setup with IMAP does this well).

3) Battery life stinks on most smartphones, but I've heard the current Blackberry Bold is decent. Personally anytime I'm in the car I have it plugged into a charger and use a Bluetooth headset to use the phone safely.

4) Admittedly the web browser in a Blackberry is not the best, but it does work. Android phones can utilize HTML 5 features and so they render the pages better, but the little browsing I do on my Blackberry is acceptable.

5) If you do decide to go with another brand, I'd personally choose Android over iPhone, but I'm a techie and a heavy Google user so that makes sense. The HTC Thunderbird on Verizon is good and the Sprint EVO is good. I'm not sure of the others models and carriers.

Couple of other things, you can use the Blackberry Desktop Manager to do syncing between Outlook and the Blackberry. It's free. The downfall is it has to be running to work.

Also YouTube videos play fine in the Blackberry Browser. There is even an app to play them as well. YouTube streams the video realtime. Also if you get a Blackberry with WiFi, that increases the speed to acceptable levels.

For help finding the right smart phone for you .... check this out:

Smart Phones

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