Monday, August 01, 2011

Getting A Blackberry For Your Small Business

Just from a market perspective, I would look at phones other than the Blackberry. Apple and Android phones are on the way up, especially Android. Blackberry seems to be on its way out. Just look at the recent Gartner study to see what's what.

On an android it's easy to:

1. Find one with a hardware keyboard if you don't like touchscreen (EVO Shift for instance)

2. Sync e-mails, calendar and contacts either to a Google mail account, corporate e-mail server, or whatever. There's an app for whatever you want here if the feature isn't included on the phone. This WILL require lots of data though, so consider an unlimited data plan.

3. Google mail accounts will work with most any e-mail client. The e-mail address isn't tied to the phone in any way. If you want a personalized domain you can do that with Google mail as well.

4. Battery life is all over the board. Older models are worse than new ones. Smaller phones are better than larger ones. Read some reviews once you decide on a Telecom vendor and form factor. Most all phones will give you at least 6-8 hours of heavy usage though. If you plug in to your car charger then you're golden.

5. YouTube and web browsing work great on Androids. They even play Flash well... which Apple does not. I hear that Blackberry does Flash, but don't have personal experience using it on them.

6. Consider an Android. They come in lots of configurations and price points, have all the features you need, are easy to use and Android is a platform with a future, unlike Blackberry WebOS.

I need to clarify Google e-mail not being tied to the phone. A Google e-mail account is required to use all the features on Android phones. You don't need to actually use that account for e-mail though. Also, if you lose your phone or switch to another one or whatever you do not lose your Google e-mail account the way you would if you were using a Blackberry e-mail account and then drop the Blackberry service. You can access it though any number of other ways, not just through the phone.

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