Monday, July 11, 2011

What Issues Do IT Managers/Staff Face When Choosing A New ISP?

This is primarily directed at those who buy "high-end" Internet connectivity, whether it be managed DSL, leased lines (e.g. DS3 bandwidth or Business Ethernet), VPNs etc. You will experience pain points in the buying process when changing your Internet connectivity supplier, installing a network for a new location/business, or expanding the infrastructure for an existing organization.

What problems do you face when trying to choose a supplier? What part of the process is most time consuming? How do you avoid "buyers remorse"?

There's a few things to consider both on the technical and business front. The first is IP addressing since they will either have an allocation from an existing service provider or may own provider independent IP addressing. If it's the former then they will need to consider the re-addressing of hosts on the network and any down time that may be associated with that task. DNS is also a consideration depending on whether, again, they own their own IP addresses or will be receiving a new allocation. If the IP addresses are changing, they’ll need to be updating DNS.

Then there's some considerations such as geographical coverage as well and whether or not they will be running apps across the Internet for VPN or hosting servers. As an example, if they’re hosting their own servers and traffic is coming from all over the world they’d want to consider a Global ISP to try and ensure traffic remains on one network for the most part.

I’d also consider contracts, service levels, support, change requests and more as often they are the weakest part of any service provider.

To go further, you’d want to consider resiliency, load balancing and more depending on their requirements and connectivity.

To help you work through all the myriad of decsions in the fastest time possible and with the least effort .... I suggest using the services of an independent Telecom consultant. They can do all the leg work and narrow down your choices to what makes business sense for you .... based on the requirements you set forth for what you want. This will save you a ton of time, effort, money, and headache.

With this in mind I strongly recommend the no cost services available here: DS3 Bandwidth

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