Monday, June 13, 2011

What's The Differences Between A 2G And A 3G Mobile Phone?

The differences between a 2G and a 3G mobile phone should be obvious .... but to the non-geek they may not be.

2G is an acronym which means "second generation." 2G phones use a digital signal transmitted from radio transmission towers. (1G mobile phones use analog signals).

3G is an acronym which stands for "third generation. 3G phones work on both the GSM and CDMA networks. 3G technology features very fast transmission of the mobile signal. 3G streams video and has faster uploads and downloads.

The major disadvantage for 3G network plans are the price. Especially today, you can find a 2G phone a lot cheaper than 3G. But if you use your phone for anything other than texting and calling, I would suggest 3G.

For more detailed discussion of 3G mobile phones, check out this article at the Wireless Wizard .... What Does 3G Mean

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