Thursday, June 09, 2011

What Would Your Future Mobile Phone Look Like?

This is a somewhat out the box question ... with some creative "answers" to get your juices flowing. Feel free to leave your own creative thoughts as comments at the end of the article.


It would change shape as a function of what the owner and the immediate task dictated. It would be assessable to people with handicaps without major limitations. When not in use, it would store in your pocketbook, on a night stand or in your pocket. It would alert you when updated info triggered an alert since it knows your schedule, ways you use info and your tasks.

It will start working even before you wake up. Because it knows your travel schedule, it can check for problems on the roads and adjust the time it wakes you up. It will control your home, re-programming the central heating if you need to get up earlier.

It does your payments as well - just by placing the phone near a sensor, you’ll pay for tickets or do shopping.

How about a mobile phone disguised as an earring. Or maybe a necklace. Make them powered by motion, heartbeat, and/or body heat.

It really depends on the end user's needs. Heavy email users will be different than soccer Moms which will be different from high school kids.

For me specifically, addressing battery life would be a big 1st step. As Smartphones' power and functionality grows, battery life will increase in importance.

I'd also like to see a phone that morphs with my needs (kind of like the Tranformer toys kids play with). I want a physical keyboard when typing emails, a big bright screen when hitting the web, and a small compact phone on weekends that sits in my pocket nicely.

Whatever the future of mobile phones, it will not be just a mobile phone any more.

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