Monday, June 06, 2011

Mobile Apps That Help You Save Money

In no particular order here's a few recommended mobile apps to help you save money .... and some that are just downright cool.

1. Google Maps to find a phone number of a local business. The search feature inside Google Maps lets you search for a specific business, find their location of course, but also provides their phone number. This lets you avoid those nasty wireless carrier 411 charges.

2. YouMail ( is a great voice mail application that has many unique features. The coolest is the ability to create a unique voice mail greeting for each individual. You can have crazy, funny ones for your friends and family, professional ones for business associates, and "go away" ones for telemarketers.

3. For businesses, particularly Small Businesses, ContentMobi ( has a website mobilization solution that lets you create mobile websites in a DIY model. Great templates, simple user interface, WYSIWYG, and even non-techie types can create their own company websites.

4. Clip Mobile which shows you retailers around you that are offering discounts.

5. RedLaser which is a barcode scanner app that lets you scan QR codes and most importantly product barcodes while you're shopping so you can see if the item you're intending to buy is in fact cheaper anywhere else nearby or online. Mind you this only works for higher priced items or items that have been added into the database but for the most part, it's a great asset.

6. Groupon which is, as you may already know, a website that offers "deals of the day" in cities around the world. The app lets you browse deals in different cities, purchase directly through the app with your credit card and when you have Groupons to use, you can even bring your phone to the store/restaurant and they can scan the code right from your screen.

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Blogger Stacy Davids said...

Impressive apps! A must use applications. A huge thanks for sharing this.
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