Monday, June 20, 2011

Kindle e-Reader Pros And Cons

I have absolutely loved reading since I was a child. The idea of an e-reader seemed kind of sacrilegious at first, since I save my books and really enjoy reading them again. I tried a Kindle just once and fell in love with it. I now have one and enjoy the idea of being able to carry my library around with me.


1.The books take up NO space, you can transfer them to another Kindle if you ever need to (i.e. Kindle is lost or stolen, breaks)

2. Lightweight, easy to use

3. I love being able to read books right away (instead of having to leave the house to go to the library, bookstore or have a book shipped)

4. There are thousands of free books available online. A good source is the Gutenberg Project.

5. No bookmark necessary! The Kindle remembers where you are in the book. This does feel kind of weird at first, since there aren't page numbers. It is a paradigm shift to stop checking what page number you are on. You get used to it, however.

These advantages are for most of the e-readers. Specifically for the Kindle, the interface is extremely easy. It is already set-up and ready to use when you get it, it's linked to your Amazon account (you don't even need to enter billing information!). Can you tell I love it?

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Blogger MainPain said...

I have a new version Kindle and enjoy reading on it. However, studying any text requiring bookmarks and lookups is painful due to the arcane user interface. I wish I had tried out the Nook e-reader first. The latest version blows the Kindle out of the water. Oh well.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Diana Guess said...

I also have a Kindle Fire and I absolutely love it, because I can take it everywhere with me and reading my favorite eBooks downloaded from All you can books. It's a very small, portable device and reading on it it's a pleasure... we can have a very big diversified online library.

2:34 AM  

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