Thursday, June 02, 2011

Bandwidth Calculator Resources

One of the frequent needs of IT staff and network integrators is to determine various parameters of bandwidth needs. Having just the right tool to accomplish this is not always easy. Knowing where to find a bandwidth calculator that will do the job is harder than it looks.

But ..... it doesn't have to be.

To help ... here's links to a few bandwidth calculator resources you can choose from. Simply input some parameters ..... and see how much bandwidth you need, or what can you do with what you've got.

* Numion

The tools available via Numion enable capabilities including the following:

- Download time calculator Bytes --> Time

How long does it take to download a big fat image, or mp3, or zip? This calculator will show the time for lots of different modems.

- Download bytes calculator Time --> Bytes

How much data can you download per day? This calculator will show the gigabytes for lots of different modems.

- Speed reduction by distance Connection speed and Distance --> Throughput

Further away is slower, but by how much? This calculator shows how much your speed is reduced by the distance to the server.

- Server requirement calculator Visitors per day --> Bandwidth needed

How much bandwidth does your server need? Input the number of visitors per day and find out. You will be surprised at how little bandwidth you actually need.

- Server capability calculator Bandwidth available --> Visitors per day

You have a server connected at a certain bandwidth. How much visitors can you handle before you have to get more bandwidth?

- Server capability calculator 2 Slowest page --> Visitors per day

How much visitors can your server handle, given the slowest page?

- PageSize calculator Download time --> filesize

You are building a new website and want to know how large your pages can be. Enter the waiting time that you find acceptable and the average speed of your visitors, and the calculator will show how large your pages may be.

- Unit converter

Convert between bits, bytes, kilo, mega, and giga.

* iCalc

The iCalc File Size Bandwidth Calculator will help you determine how long it will take to transfer a file at each connection speed. Simply enter the file size (in KB, MB, GB) .... and the type of connection in bits per second (already entered in the table for the calculator) will yield a calculation for each in hours, minutes, and seconds.

The type of connection range is 14.4 kbps through OC48 ..... and the bits per second range is from 14,4000 bps through 2488 Mbps. So you have a wide spectrum you can evaluate for.

* VoIP Bandwidth Calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate the bandwidth required to transport a given number of voice paths through an IP based network. Reverse calculations are also possible. These estimate the number of voice paths that can be transmitted though an IP network if the available bandwidth is known.

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