Thursday, May 12, 2011

Introducing Advantix Solutions Group .... Wireless Optimization & Management

Advantix is a premier wireless optimization and management firm. The ideal Advantix client has in excess of 200-300 (minimum target 80+) mobile devices across multiple wireless carriers and business locations.

Advantix Services include .....

* Wireless Optimization & Analysis:

o Three month review of billing and spend for mobility accounts across rate plans, features and behavior spend. Expected savings of between 25-35% annually.

o Billed as a percentage of total savings with target of 35% and minimum of 10%. May also be billed on a monthly basis per device.

* Account Management Solution (multiple configurations available):

o Includes: dedicated administrative support (with helpdesk optional), monthly analysis and plan optimization, customized reporting, asset management,
procurement and moves/adds/changes. Reporting & analysis only option available.

o Minimum price per managed device ranges from $4.00 to $5.25 depending upon package selection

* Specialized consulting services:

o Contract negotiation, application security, development, RFP management, carrier consolidation, policy development, MDM and more.

o Minimum hourly rate of $60.00 with target of $100.00.

To find out how Advantix can help optimize your business's wireless network and mobile device use .... simply ask here:

Business VoIP & Wireless Network Solutions

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