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Tips On Cell Phone Ring Tones

Tips On Cell Phone Ring Tones

Most cell phones have a minimum of twelve different ring tones; twelve different screen savers, twelve different wallpapers, twelve different themes and twelve different colour schemes and some have twenty or more of each.

It is also possible to download further variations and occasionally even to make your own. This means that there are usually thousands of methods of customizing your cell phone.

Although most individuals do not go to the bother of switching the wallpaper, screen saver or theme, most individuals do experiment with the ringing tone. Older people might only use one of the standard ring tones that came with the phone, but younger people are more likely to either buy a ring tone or download one of the thousands of free ones accessible on line.

One difficulty for ring tone enthusiasts was (or even still is for some) that there is no true standardization of the music format between the cell phone manufacturers. This means that a tone in Samsung format will not play on a Nokia etcetera. This led to the creation of ringing tone converters, although some phones cannot make use of them.

Another manner of overcoming this is to upload your ring tone to an on line converter, convert it then either SMS it back to your cell phone or download it to a computer and transmit it to your phone by wire or by Bluetooth. It is all too much bother for most older people, although it is quite simple after you have done it once or twice.

Other cell phones have a composer built in. These composers are fairly elementary in some phones, yet others allow polyphonic composition. However, it can be quite tedious to compose a good tune, so this is one for the serious customizer with time on his or her hands only.

One function that practically all cell phones have, but which most individuals do not use to the full is assigning different ring tones to different people or groups of individuals. For instance, you could have one ring tone for your parents or spouse and one for your home landline. Then if you hear those ring tones, you know that you should answer it.

You could have one for your friends, so that even without glancing at the screen, you know that you could have an amusing conversation to cheer up your day and you could have one for your boss so that you know to ignore it if it rings outside working hours.

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