Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Introducing EtherCloud

EtherCloud, the re-engineered global Ethernet solution designed and developed by Neutral Tandem and Tinet based on the integration of the company's integrated global network. EtherCloud is exactly what it sounds like - it's Ethernet and cloud networking all wrapped up in one. For starters, EtherCloud 'connects the islands.' Traditional Ethernet Exchanges provide independent port access to their exchanges, some are even connecting their exchange locations through 3rd party network providers, but none offer one connection that can allow providers access a complete marketplace, regardless of where they are located.

Because EtherCloud provides access to any/all of its 100+ network PoPs globally, it also offers a one-stop-shop solution that provides its customers end-to-end delivery all over the world. By providing the option to deliver end-to-end services, EtherCloud consolidates commercial relationships for its customers.

Another unique aspect of EtherCloud is that the service is not just simple Ethernet. Now there are three types of services available through one simple NNI connection with Tinet:

- Virtual connectivity to all other EtherCloud network customers (ability to do commercial deals directly or leverage Tinet's existing commercial arrangements)

- Customers can design point-to-point, point-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity to over 100 PoPs globally

- EtherCloud provides global, one-stop-shop, end-to-end network solutions -just one contract, a guaranteed SLA to nearly any location around the world.

The company is also touting its re-designed customer portal. The enhanced portal provides solutions beyond simple discovery, it offers customers access to network pricing, locations, vendor selection allowing users to design a solution, intuitively.

So the next-generation of 'Ethernet Exchanges' has arrived. EtherCloud marries the best-of-service solutions that were promised by Ethernet Exchange services but interconnects companies globally providing a flexible, easy to procure partner for the delivery of Ethernet - anywhere.

About the Author:

Ilissa Miller is the Managing Partner of Jaymie Scotto & Associates, a full-service Public Relations and Marketing firm for the Telecommunications Industry. Join Ilissa and the JS&A team on June 29th at the Telecom Exchange in New York City. To register or for more information visit http://www.thetelecomexchange.com/.

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