Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indoor DAS

The explosive growth of mobile devices (smart phones and pads) has been fascinating to watch. The plethora of applications that are available can be overwhelming. Enterprises are trying to take advantage of the flexibility and potential productivity increases such devices offer which only drives more opportunity for broadband providers and those companies that operate on the edges of the provider space.

For example, what does an enterprise do if they want their employees to be able to bring what ever device they want to the company's network? There are a lot of advantages to the enterprise in that they don't have to supply or manage those devices any longer. It also presents some security issues that need to be resolved. Read about Good Technologies and how they help to solve that problem ( Contact Andy Zambito (a_zambito

However, what good is any device if it can not receive a wireless signal. If one works deep inside a 25 year old building can you hang out by the windows to get a good signal?

There seems to be an upcoming explosion in the deployment of in house antenna systems to carry wireless service into the heart of buildings. Perhaps the last frontier of antenna deployments in the cellular industry? See for more information or run an internet search on "Indoor DAS".


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