Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cloud Computing For Small And Medium Size Businesses

Cloud means you can use resources and technology which were earlier expensive to use in your own small environment/ business. Cloud technology enables all businesses to get the best of technology at extremely economical costs.

Looking only at the Infrastructure component (memory, storage, raw compute power), cloud can be pretty compelling for businesses when compared to either deploying servers or utilizing dedicated hosting services. With the proper management portal, an enterprise can quickly deploy and manage servers as-needed with as much control as an in-house dedicated server, and without a lot of the hassles.

Some of the advantages for SMBs that we’ve seen are:

• Small to no capital required

• Smaller IT staff necessary

• Increased security and compliance certifications handled outside of the company

• Access to the right level of compute power – as fast as is needed, and only what is needed

With cloud, smaller businesses can have access to higher scale and more reliable storage systems, obtaining enterprise-class services with minimal expense and expertise.

You can operate your company from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access. Via the web youe can access your own software, your accounts, your documents, your CRM, your phone lines, your Live Chat, your e-mail, your software development tools and your payments/invoicing. This makes life so much easier!

Company owners are starting to see the benefits. If you'd like to see what the Cloud can do for you .... simply ask for the free help available here:

Cloud Computing

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