Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Key Telecom Companies I Follow on Twitter

Social media, it's no longer a new term, which means the definition has broadened.

Isn't that an interesting phenomena? Social media was once just blogging, then it expanded to myspace (are people still there?), facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. Social media is the definition of how we communicate online with our friends, family, colleagues and more.

In our industry, Telecom, I watch and often participate in the conversations mostly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are many companies and terms that I follow to make sure I am up on what is happening, who is where and the key trending topics in the marketplace.

Here is a list of some of the companies that I follow on Twitter on a regular basis - take a look, maybe there are some companies here you should follow too:

Dark Fiber, Network Construction & Optics:

Allied Fiber: - All about Dark Fiber

TelPlexus: - All about outside plant design & engineering

XKL, LLC: - All about Optical Networking (Len Bosack founder of Cisco Systems' is at the helm)

Submarine Cable and Network Operators (lit services):

Hibernia Atlantic: - All about TransAtlantic Cables Hibernia

GFN: - All about Low-Latency Financial Networks

PacketExchange: - Network Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Tinet, a Neutral Tandem Company: - Global Ethernet and IP backbone

Data Center Providers :

Data Foundry: - 4 Texas data centers

FiberMedia: - 5 NY Metro data centers

TELEHOUSE America: - NY (3), LA data centers

Voice and IP Solution Providers:

Neutral Tandem: - Alternative to the PSTN for voice termination

One Source Networks: - One-Stop-Shop network provider

PTGi ICS (formerly Arbinet Data Solutions): - One connection to many providers

PTGi ICS (formerly Arbinet Voice Solutions): - the Exchange, global voice termination

Internet Security:

Golden Frog: - personal VPN for network security and freedom

Conferences & Events:

ITW 2011 - International Telecoms Week: - the #1 global event for Telecom

Telecom Exchange: - the networking event that is network-neutral

Telecom One-on-One: - speed dating for telecom

Check them out if you get a chance, there are some interesting conversations happening in the telecom social media sphere.....

About the Author: Ilissa Miller, Managing Partner of Jaymie Scotto & Associates is also on Twitter:

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