Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing One Source Networks: Ultra Low Latency Solutions

How fast is fast? Let One Source Networks show you fast... One Source Networks (OSN) delivers ultra-low latency network solutions between the world's financial hubs. With guaranteed SLA's and end-to-end managed services, OSN is taking the low latency market by storm - putting its services where it should be - guaranteed. The company recently came to market with a new route between Chicago and New York, but they offer more than that. With experienced engineers that offer custom network design, the company leverages relationships with 100's of service providers around the world to deliver the most optimal solutions available. In a market where low latency means less than 15 ms between Chicago and NY, OSN stands by this metric and can deliver dedicated lit services either point-to-point, point-to-multi point and beyond. According to OSN, the company is offering wide-area networking solutions on private line networks from 1G on up, and they can combine the service with ultra-low latency metro rings in specific markets to help companies reach key financial hubs and exchange locations. What caught my attention is that the company is providing an evergreen latency clause on some of their routes. The evergreen latency clause, in essence, states that if a competitor comes out with a faster connection on another network, OSN will provide a guaranteed lower latency solution. With 100's of network relationships around the world, OSN is confident they can deliver the fastest routes and is willing to bet their services on it, as companies will be provided with an exit clause, without penalties. Not only does OSN guarantee low latency in its SLAs, but their evergreen clause makes them a unique player. And this is just the beginning. OSN is committed to providing enterprise businesses the fastest, most reliable routes between any key financial markets in the world - managed and implemented with one provider on one bill. An interesting differentiator for sure. With a no, to low risk commitment - and an evergreen low latency SLA assurance - OSN's solution is certainly one worth looking at more closely. For more information about OSN visit: or email About the Author: Ilissa Miller is the Managing Partner of Jaymie Scotto & Associates, a full-service Public Relations and Marketing firm for the Telecommunications Industry. JS&A provides a full suite of communication services and hosts networking events geared specifically for the Telecom industry. The company has just launched The Telecom Exchange, which will be held in New York City on June 29th. The event will host over 500 industry executives for a day of networking and business development opportunities. For more information about JS&A visit, for information about the Telecom Exchange, sponsorship and branding opportunities or to register, visit

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